Tree of Happiness.

Docwitch tagged me for this meme, which is a good one for this time of the year. As our ears ring with the crash of broken resolutions, this makes us focus on what’s actually working in our lives. So here goes!
The rules…
Link to the person who gave you the award. If you want.
Post the rules on your blog.
List six things that make you happy.
Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
Let the person who awarded you know when your entry is up.
Ok. Obviously the first 4 would be my kids, but I think I’ll just take that as a given and focus on things other than friends and family. Things that give me personal happiness.
1. The smell of clean wet dog. This comes from when I was dog showing and every Friday night I’d bath half a dozen dogs. I love the smell, though I’ll concede that a dog who comes in dripping from being caught in the rain gets short shrift from me until she’s dried off. The smell of naturally wet dog just doesn’t have the same appeal. (And I have no idea why I started off my list with this one.)
2. Sometimes when it’s late at night I’ll lie there and feel a warm sense of satisfaction that my little family is safe and warm and happy under the roof that I’m providing for them. The boys, the dogs and cats are all secure and comfortable and I’m the one making it happen. It’s a good feeling.
3. Reading a new book that really grabs me. There. Is. No. Greater. Pleasure. On. Earth. I know that I mainly talk about knitting and quilting here, but when it all comes down to it I am a reader before anything else. The kids literally grab me and manhandle me past Borders when we go to Chadstone because they’ve learned that once I’m in… there’s no getting out. I hardly ever buy anything (when you can read a couple of books in a day like I can it’s a huge waste of money to spend $30 on each book) but like an addict, I love to be around the fresh volumes full of endless possibilities.
4. Blogging. I always wanted to write and when I was at home when the boys were little I did some courses and really got into it, but now that I’m working full time I simply don’t have the energy. For me, blogging provides the perfect medium for me to keep the writing going (even if it is only the blatherings of the little things that happen in my life instead of writing The Great Australian Novel/poetry collection.) I’m well aware that if I truly wanted to write a novel there are no excuses… I’d get up at 4am and write while the house was quiet and I’d make the most of my child-free weekends and go for it. I used to feel bad about this but a few years ago I gave myself a good talking to. At this stage of my life I believe that my focus should be on providing a home and an income for the family and to get out from under the mortgage as quickly as I can. Once those things are accomplished and I’m free! Free! and I’ve made all the quilts  and baby hats that I want to… then we’ll see what happens. But at present my blog (and yours!) gives me a lot of creative pleasure.
5. Seeing my boys up on stage performing well. (It has to be well. If they ever did a crap job then I’d be cross. It’s the drama teacher in me.) When they’re up there playing and/or singing I’m there in the audience with tears in my eyes and such a fierce sense of pride in them that it’s almost frightening.
6. This is going to sound odd, though maybe not as odd as the first item on my list, but sometimes when I’m walking down the hall at work I’m filled with such a sense of joy that I’ve got the job I have. I know. It’s weird. But it’s true. During the holidays I always think that if I won the lottery I’d never go back to work, that I’d stay at home and do whatever I felt like doing without any job hassles. It’s a lovely dream. But when I’m at work, I love it. (Some classes a LOT more than others, to be honest. I never felt filled with the joy of teaching walking towards a couple of the classes I had last year, though once I was in the class room with them funny and interesting things would still sometimes happen. That’s another reason why I love my work.)
I’ve come to the conclusion that my ideal lifestyle would be teaching 3 days a week and having the rest of the time to do my thing at home. Anyone who has that balance is a very fortunate person and I tip my hat to you. I can’t see it ever happening for me but I can still dream…
Astute readers would see that there is no housework listed here. That’s why I also love Mrs Doubtfire and when my boys do their chores.
Six people to tag. Hmmm… 143 blogs on my feed reader at present. So many choices, so let’s go for a wildly diverse cross section of people.
How about Mary, Grumpy Old Ken, Diana at Pebbledash,  Shula at PoppalinaMamatulip and Angeluna at Pearls Before Frogs? No?
Then how about Blair at Wise Craft, Francesca at Making It Up, Mrs G from Derfwad Manor, Jacquie at Tallgrass Prairie Studio, Suse from Pea Soup and Janet from Muppinstuff? What the hell, let’s have a whimsical bending of the rules and tag them all!
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9 Responses to Tree of Happiness.

  1. Hello Dancing!
    Thanks for calling by my humble blog. I don’t want to do the meme but I enjoyed reading your responses. They gave me a lot of insight into who you really are. You seem “nice”!
    Have a GREAT NEW YEAR!

  2. changingways says:

    I love reading your feelings about teaching. My eldest daughter is going to school this year for the first time, I really hope she gets a teacher like you who really enjoys teaching.

  3. mamatulip says:

    ‘fresh volumes and endless possibilities.’ what a great way to think of a bookstore. you’re so right.

    number five – i had this exact feeling at julia’s christmas concert this year. i thought i was going to explode with pride and happiness and joy and love.

    lovely meme. thanks for tagging me w/ it. stay tuned. 🙂

  4. river says:

    I have to walk on the other side of the mall when I pass Borders, otherwise the gravity just pulls me right in.

  5. loved reading your answers. My mum works 3 days a week and loves it, she has Mon and Fri off and she says it gives her the best of both worlds.

  6. janet says:

    thanks for tagging me, will do it soon — have backlog of posts! (as you do)

    BTW I love working three days a week and will do it as long as money/ the employer allow me. And I love blogging for similar reasons. Furthermore I think that once the time is right to write something else big then we’ll be really quick and practised writers. Although sometimes I think that maybe this is my art, my form…

  7. says:

    I know it sounds daft but how EXACTLY do I tag someone!

  8. says:

    Back again.
    thanks for the e mail. Did a blog, 5 Jan and contacted five blogs. Billy, Spinning Wheel, Mad Asthmatic, Helen and My wife’s …’ Did my best, honest!

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