I’m a winner.

A month ago I wrote about a big giveaway here and this was one of the prizes. (This is Katie’s photo, not mine. It’s too good to be mine, let’s face it.) Moonlight Bindery kindly donated this elegant Moleskine with a Goccoed snail. It arrived a couple of days ago in the post.

Don’t you just love the infinite possibilities contained in an empty, untouched notebook? Truly one of my favourite things. Thank you Katie!

(Apologies for going a bit Julie Andrews just then.)

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8 Responses to I’m a winner.

  1. trashalou says:

    Lucky you. That snail looks like he may inspire lots of fabulous ideas.

  2. Just lovely. Lucky you!

  3. Anna says:

    How lovely! I used to have a big notebook addiction. I’ve managed to conquer it for now, but you know how it is with these things, you never really get over the thrill of a beautiful blank notebook. 😉 Enjoy!

  4. Jayne says:

    That’s an inspiring snail 😉

  5. frog says:

    As long as it’s the John Coltrane version, it’s quite okay to talk about your favourite things.

  6. Lucky you! I won Rodeo tickets last year but haven’t been able to use them. This looks like something you will definately use.

    My hubby won a weekend stay at a fancy Dallas, TX hotel before we got married, so guess what we got married and used it for our honeymoon.

    Have a great holiday weekend!

  7. river says:

    Mmmm, notebooks. I love stationery. I live across the road from Officeworks and I could quite happily browse the shelves for hours.

  8. Kristi says:

    You deserve it! Thanks for the lovely comments you made on my blog-couldn’t figure out how to reply to the first one (still figuring out how all of this blog stuff works!) Love reading your thoughts on your teaching days. Thanks for sharing!

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