Meme to keep me from imploding with nerves.

This came in handy this morning. It’s 6am and I couldn’t sleep. Tom1 finds out his VCE results today. In a little over an hour we find out his ENTER score, which will determine which university course he’ll be offered. It’s a little scary…

Maggie awarded me this this last week, which was very kind of her. The rules are that I must say 7 things about myself that I haven’t blogged about yet, and then select 7 good blog reads.
Here goes:
1. I discovered yesterday when I was having a well deserved nanna nap that if you crawl under the basketweave strings quilt and hold it up to the light and look at it from underneath that it looks like stained glass windows. Very cool.
2. I spent a lovely couple of hours browsing overseas holidays on Saturday. It occurred to me on Friday that with only one child with me over the week between Christmas and New Years that we might be able to duck away to Bali or somewhere like that for 4 days. It would clean us out but I didn’t care. I need a holiday like you wouldn’t believe.My friend Deb from work sent me a link with cheap package deals and I browsed and browsed. Bali…. New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Fiji…. Fiji and New Caledonia were the most affordable. I was keen, but in the end sanity prevailed. We can’t afford it. (But I had the fun of dreaming about it…) We’ll probably go to Inverloch for a couple of days and share the house with my sister and her family.
3. I’ve already organised my Secret Santa at work. I’ve hidden my gift in their desk. (I went slightly over the ‘$10 or less’ limit by a small margin of 50%, but I had to get the gift that I thought this person would like.) Now I’m hoping that they do the usual “clear the desk of all the crap that’s accumulated over the last year” thing, otherwise they’re going to get a lovely surprise next year sometime.
4. On Friday I’ve hired “Man with a Van” to go over to Scott’s place and pick up the couches, barbeque and table that we bought from them. This will raise our lounge room to heights of new elegance. But only if we don’t keep the barbeque in there as well. Now I have to call the Salvos and see if they want our old lounge suite. If they don’t, we’ll be putting it out the front on the nature strip. (Unless… here’s a thought…. unless Kelley or Jodie’s daughters are coming up to Melbourne to study next year and need furniture? If that’s the case, sing out and you can have it. Or anyone else, for that matter. We live central to Melbourne, Monash, Deakin, and RMIT, so I’m assuming I’ll have Tom1 here for the next few years.)
5. I basted another quilt yesterday. It’s a rainbow one and I love it. I’m thinking about offering them for sale in The Etsy shop because they look so good, but first I have to make the eleventy hundred quilts for family and friends and myself that are on my mind. Remember the circle quilt that I made for my niece for Christmas? Well, it’s all wrapped up but it has someone else’s name on the tag. (No, don’t panic Scott, it’s not for you!) I’m giving it to a friend of David2. He’s had a bit of a rough trot this year and he’s got a close circle of friends who have been just amazing. So I think his friend Jamie (who is a girl and a friend but not a ‘girlfriend’) deserves a bit of quilty appreciation. So now I need to put together another quilt for my niece, hence the rainbow one.
6. Dad gave me $50 as an early Christmas present and said that I had to buy something nice just for me. I don’t know what to buy.
7. I’ve almost reached the stage when I’m ready to go to the hairdresser and cut my hair. It’s down to the bottom of my shoulder blades in length and it’s driving me crazy. Then I wear it up, or have a Good Hair Day and I think, ‘Let’s just leave it grow a little longer…’ But I know that one day I’ll snap, walk into some random hairdresser’s and say, “Style me! Do with my head as you will!” (That could be fraught with risk…)
OK! That killed half an hour! Onto the next bit: 7 Blogs I like. I’m going to try and link to blogs I haven’t linked to before. I think these are the people I tag for this, but I’ll do that later. (Too nervous.)
1. Common Threads. I love the idea of being involved in a quilting bee. Each month someone mails out fabric to the other participants with instructions as to what sort of quilt they have in mind, the other all make a big block and send it back, and by the end of the year everyone has a quilt top made by the whole group. How awesome is that?
2. Eyes of Wonder. I love how the internet opens up the lives of people from all over the world, with all of our similarities and differences. This woman has a life vastly different to my own, but she writes and photographs with heart and with conviction. You’ve got to respect that. (And they say I’ve got a large family…)
3. Violence UnSilenced. Sometimes confronting, always heartwrenching and painful, but it’s an awesome project to give (mainly) women a voice. And I mean ‘awesome’ in its purest sense.
4. Tallgrass Prairie Studio. I wish I could sew like this… and be as prolific. Very inspirational.
5. Pleasant View Schoolhouse. I’ve been reading this blog for over 2 years… I think, along with Down to Earth, that it was one of the first ones I ever found. I love the photography, the attention to detail, and the way their lives appear to be so serene and filled with nothing but olde-worlde sewing, cooking, decoration and design. (Surely life can’t be THAT calm and ordered all the time…? Still, it gives me something to strive for…)
6. Rhubarb Whine. I’ve been reading this blog for a little while now. A good writer.
7. French Press Knits. Well, I HAD to have a knitting blog, and she’s the evil genius who devised the slipper pattern I was raving about a couple of days ago. (I’ve finished the massively long fingerless gloves for Ryan3, just got to go ahead with the rug and THEN I can go and buy some 10 ply wool. Why do Americans make so many patterns with 10 ply? In Australia, we are inundated with 8 ply (sport weight), but there’s very little 10 ply (worsted weight) to be found.) Can’t wait to start making those slippers!
Thank you Maggie for sending me the perfect time filler. I hope that some of you find a blog or two amongst these that you’ll like and add to your feed reader.
Got to go. It’s 6.55 and I think he gets a text at 7. Cross your fingers that he gets a high enough ENTER to get into a course that he wants….
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9 Responses to Meme to keep me from imploding with nerves.

  1. Jo says:


    What did he get????

  2. moonspun says:

    It’s a well deserved award!

  3. trashalou says:

    triyng to type with my fniregs crssoed makes it trciky – srue all wlil go wlel.

  4. frog says:

    And? Inquiring people want to know!!

  5. Pebbledash says:

    Fingers and toes crossed x

  6. rhubarb says:

    Thank you for such a lovely compliment. Humbled thanks x

  7. river says:

    Your strings quilt looks like stained glass? Awesome. In the summer when you don’t need it on your bed you could hang it in a window….

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Have cheated and already seen that Tom1 did just fine. Yay! He’ll love uni. Buy something decadent and fabulous for yourself with your Dad’s present, not something to make nice things for other people…preferably someting transient so you have to remember it, not look at it (and have it psychologically disappear). You deserve it!

  9. I love Inverloch! That is where Moo had schoolies. 🙂

    And she won’t need a couch, she can move in with you! Bwaaaaa haaaaa haaaaaa!

    (off to check if there are any other posts with Tom1’s results… we got the official stuff in the mail today)

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