Cavaliers weren’t made for heat.

I went to Aldi at Southland yesterday and I bought some flowers. They looked so pretty with the dark green backdrop of the couch behind them that I had to take a photo. (I learned how to turn off the flash!!! I’ve only had this camera for 2 years…)

P1120014 by you.
Yesterday the heat was fierce. It got to 43C/109.4F and it was the sort of heat that has teeth. Until the cool change arrives, today will be no better. I just checked, it’s 7.40AM and it’s already 34C/93.2F.
You may notice Bertie slumped by the side of the couch. He was panting mightily.
P1120017 by you.
The click of the camera made him a bit self conscious:
P1120018 by you.
“What? Why can’t you leave a guy to sleep?”
Then I wondered where Molly was. It’s early…. I’m the only human up. All I can hear is Scott’s clock ticking…. and snoring coming from behind the couch….
P1120020 by you.
We’ve put one of the couches up against the fireplace. We have central heating, so we never use it and it’s freed up the whole space. But Molly likes to lie on the tiled hearth in summer…
P1120019 by you.
Surely she can’t be comfortable?
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11 Responses to Cavaliers weren’t made for heat.

  1. trashalou says:

    The crazy spaces and hot places I have seen my big black dog squeeze himself into are ridiculous. Hope the cool change hits soon. The good thing is it will probably come as a mahoosive thunderstorm. Yay!

  2. mamatulip says:

    Yes, my Cavalier Emma didn’t like the heat either. Her last summer was one of the hottest on record; I used to find her curled around the toilet.

  3. river says:

    Perhaps you could drop a large block of ice into their water bowl? Fill an empty icecream container and freeze it for them.

  4. Mad Woman says:

    She’s probably the most comfortable of all of you, lying on that cold tile. I do not envy you that heat at all. 34C that early in the morning?!

  5. Scott says:

    Well, it’s still only 2 degrees here, but lovely and toasty warm indoors. Orlando has a new favourite spot on the window seat with a heating vent under it, so he’s in heaven.
    Looking for Cavalier breeders in the UK and there are plenty of them – it’s just knowing how to choose good ones. BTW – how high on the head should the ears be? Is the whole head meant to be dome shaped, including the ears, or should the ears stick out a little? Does it really matter?

  6. Jayne says:

    Aww, poor Molly and Bertie.
    Those tiles will be on concrete foundations of the hearth that reach down into the cool, cool soil keeping the concrete and tiles delightfully chilly.

  7. Raina says:

    I love gerbs, they are one of my favorite flowers. I can’t believe your heat – I have never experienced anything like that – in Canada that would invoke an emergency situation – most of us here don’t even have air con.

  8. Courtney says:

    It’s freezing here (Virginia, US) – 35F/2C. I wish I could send some of the snow that’s stuck on the ground for your pups to roll around in!

  9. paige says:

    We’ve had a long string of very cold days and nights here in Va…today it might hit 32 F and we’re all so excited that it’s going to be “warm”. I’ve been going to work with heavy boots and an outdoor scarf and we’re going through firewood at home at a very accelerated pace.

    My parents’ Cav suffers from the humid heat in the summers, but he’s loving the cold.

  10. moonspun says:

    Well she is cool, so maybe that is all that matters. Of course I read this from northern Vermont where my toes just have feeling returned to them from being out this morning in sub-zero (F) temps…
    LOVE the flowers!

  11. Mwa says:

    If I were you, I’d be lying on the colder tile, too! Phew – so hot!

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