David2’s room.

When we bought this house 13 years ago, I made the room next to ours a nursery for the baby. Evan4 was 3 months old when we moved in. It had baby blue walls with a wallpaper frieze under the picture rail of teddy bears. It was lovely.

P1080010 by you.

I planted a tree fern outside the window to soften the outlook. It’s on the dark southern side of the house and even in the drought, it’s thriving.

David2 has been living in this room for a couple of years now. The teddy bears disappeared right away, but he put up with the baby blue walls until now.

P1060009 by you.
Here’s the feature wall.
P1080012 by you.
He’s put the head of his bed and his tallboy up against it.
P1080011 by you.
His piano lives at the other end of the room.
P1080013 by you.
This painting was one we bought in Bali. David2 has always loved it. When I moved the bookshelf into the dining room the picture had to be moved. It looks as if it was meant to be in that room next to that feature wall.
The last thing that needs to be done is for me to photocopy lots of sheet music. David2 wants to dye it with tea and stick it up all over the walls between the picture rails and the roof. He saw it years ago on one of those renovation programs and he’s never forgotten it. (I’m just hoping that it won’t be too hard to remove when the room eventually needs repainting…)
He’s happy. This room looks so much more like him.
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9 Responses to David2’s room.

  1. Jayne says:

    That is FABULOUS!
    I love it! How on earth did he get the squiggles so good without blotching up?
    The sheet music thing – very effective, saw something similar on (Brit) Changing Rooms.
    To give the impression of the room being bigger cut the music into bars and paste them up as you want – full sheets (like large patterned wallpaper) might make the room appear smaller.

  2. Kez says:

    Try sticking the paper up with liquid starch; it works with fabric and is easy to remove. I’ve also had success with spray-on adhesive, but just spraying the paper, not the wall as well; it makes a more temporary bond.

  3. Andi says:

    Looks wonderful.
    You’re a lovely mum to let im be so creative on his walls.

  4. river says:

    The feature wall is impressive and the painting does look good, but, (oh no, here I go again, smack me down and stomp on me…), would it be possible to lower the painting just a little so the top of the frame is in line with the top of the feature wall? ( I think it would look better.) What about painting the wall behind the painting? The baby blue really doesn’t go with those other very strong colours. Of course this might mean painting the rest of the room too. I’ll leave you to think it over. It is your house after all.

  5. river says:

    Might I suggest the yellow in the feature wall could be used on the other walls? This would then also tone in with the tea stained music sheets, which would look good in separate strips like Jayne suggested instead of a solid block. The picture rail could be done in the red of the feature wall to tie the whole thing together. Okay, this time I’m really going.

  6. trash says:

    Loving his work. It is safe to write now as the eight y.o. beside me has left. You have left one small boy greatly impressed. I hear nagging in my future.

  7. moonspun says:

    Cool! It’s important for a kid to have a space that is them. No matter how small…or for how short a time.

  8. Sondra says:

    I love that wall! I think that is a cool idea about the sheet music. Can’t wait to see it.

  9. Jo says:

    Wallpaper paste works best for the sheet music. My dad used it years ago to put up world maps in mine and my brother’s rooms. Came off as easily as wallpaper years later.

    Love the swirly wall.

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