Catch up day.

Hindsight is 20/20 Once The Mind Trick Wears Off

Found at Jo’s blog.

I’ve had a quiet sort of time. A catching up sort of time. Finally made some heat packs for Widget (that I promised to make last month) and I’ve started to make something for Scott as a going away gift. (He’s already gone…)

Started a quilt for Dan’s Mum. Remember the Zig-Zag quilt? Dan liked it, but his mother loved it. I’ve never seen a non-quilty person rave about a quilt so much. It’s clear that she has to have one of her own, particularly when she said a day or two later that Dan was sitting on the couch watching tv and he asked her to pass the quilt over and she thought, “Damn! Hes going to use this all the time!!!!” Which is good. But in the interests of family harmony I’ll whip up a rainbow quilt for her.

On other bits and bobs, look at what I found in the supermarket yesterday:

p1150010What fiendishly evil mind dreamed this up? It sounds revolting. (Almost as revolting as the cold pork pies Scott was raving on about earlier today.) Why ruin a perfectly good cup of peppermint tea? I saw this on the shelf and was appalled… then knew that I had to taste test them and blog about it. This might be a new taste sensation that’ll sweep the world…

…though probably not. Still, I’ll give it a go later today and I’ll get back to you. There’s no way I’m going to be drinking this during my morning coffee time! David2 helped me unpack the groceries and he thinks it sounds nice. He must be a changeling.

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7 Responses to Catch up day.

  1. persiflage says:

    I got all excited at that photo, thinking it was a new icecream, and worth trying. But tea? Not my cup of, I think.
    As for cold pork pies – yuk! I don’t think the Brits really understand the manifold possibilities of food.
    Your quilting is impressive. Are there speed quilting events?

  2. Jayne says:

    Hmmmmmm cold pork pies nom nom nom nom nom.
    Peppermint English Toffee tea?

  3. river says:

    Peppermint and English Toffee? Urk!!
    I do like the spearmint/camomile though.

    Ha ha on the quilt sharing and so nice of you to whip up a rainbow quilt for the mum.

  4. Maybe it will taste like willow mint lollies? Am I the only one to remember those?

    I think I will let you be the first to try LOL

  5. moonspun says:

    Huh….can’t wait to hear what that tea is about…

  6. Scott says:

    Peppermint and Toffee – simply dreadful. Now for a Scotch Egg…

  7. Jo says:

    OMG, my blog was mentioned in the blog of someone I’ve been reading for ages and really admire….

    *falls back on couch, fanning self from shock*

    And that tea sounds dreadful, glad you’re prepared to fall on the teabag for the rest of us!

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