Don’t buy the tea!!!

I took a teabag out of the box and sniffed…

What the …?

p1150012It smelled like toffee.

p1150013Ugh. My camera battery ran out then so I thought I’d continue with the taste test and mock up another one for you later. But under no circumstances will I be doing any such thing.

Peppermint? Nary a hint. Toffee? Only in the aroma. Or stench. The taste? Just like a regular cup of tea, only stronger and with a weird toffee smell. Personally, I’d stick with the tried and tested cuppa. I think I had the same expression on my face as this guy when I tasted it:


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3 Responses to Don’t buy the tea!!!

  1. Urspo says:

    nothing is more nasty than nasty tea!

  2. MistressB says:

    noted. Do not buy the tea!

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