Even when people leave, they’re still with you.

Late yesterday afternoon I looked around my home. I’d been making something for Scott and it was taking way longer than I thought it was going to. (He’d better like it, that’s all I can say!)

I was feeling the pressure of time racing away from me, then I stopped and took a moment to look around and appreciate all of the little things he’s left for us…


Maris certainly enjoys the couch.


We all enjoy hearing the clock, especially in the middle of the night when you briefly surface, wondering what the time is and then hear the chimes. The chimes are so beautiful.

But the thing I appreciated the most was the Gas Bastard 2000.

p1150016Otherwise known as a barbeque. A big one. We’ve never owned one before, so it was obviously time for the boys to learn the manly Aussie art of cooking. Here they’re learning the manly art of cleaning.

Only Ryan3 and David2 are home with me, because the other two are off at their father’s for a few days to work in the fruit shop and earn the big bux. So I bought a ‘barbeque pack’ of meat from the supermarket (3 rissoles, 3 steak pieces and a few snags) and told the boys that they were cooking. I handed them some oil, a pair of tongs and a spatula and left them to it.

P1150018 by you.

David2 was the head chef. (If you’re thinking that he looks a little odd, it’s because he went to sleep out in the sun and got burned… even his lips and eyelids. Not recommended; he’s been a miserable boy the last couple of days. He’s starting to peel now… he’s hoping it’s all finished by the time school starts again. ) Scott and Mark also gave us lots of cleaning products and toiletries. David2 has been using a lot of this one on his face, arms and legs…

P1160010 by you.

Ahhhh…. the Nourishing Skin Milk on sunburn. It’s not an Australian summer without it.

Anyway, back to the barbeque.

p1150019Ryan3 fell in love with the rissoles/hamburgers. Kept squishing them down to get the fat out.


Look at that! Just like a tv chef! (And the best part is that I’m not doing any of the cooking. All I had to do was whip up a green salad. It was a dream come true.)

So how did they do?

p1150021On the whole, not too bad. The sausages exploded slightly and were a touch raw in the middle, but everything else was cooked to a reasonable standard. It was so easy! They cooked the meat while I did the rest, then afterwards Ryan3 wiped the hotplates down and then the boys trundled it back into the garage. All I had to do was rinse off a few plates and stack them in the dishwasher. It was marvellous.

As a little thank you to Scott and Mark, I’m finishing with this. Because I know that with their love of cats, if they were Nazis in WWII, this could have been either one of them:


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13 Responses to Even when people leave, they’re still with you.

  1. Stomper Girl says:

    I love barbecue nights at our house, although (don’t tell your boys) Fixit insists you can’t cook on a barbecue unless you are drinking a beer. Apparently it’s a rule.

  2. trashalou says:

    Until Christmas 2008 I had no idea that there was a protocol about carving the meat a man has barbequed!

  3. saffronlie says:

    Family barbecue! One of my favourite things. Once your boys realise that you can cook almost anything on the barbecue, you’ll be in for some exciting and hopefully delicious experiments.

  4. Jayne says:

    BBQ is the ONLY way to roast meat nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom *drool*

  5. Well done to David and Ryan on their first BBQing. Just as well I wasn’t near or I’d have yelled – you turn the meat once only and never poke at it! D and R did really well.

    Full on sympathy to D over the sunburn.

    A hooded BBQ – did you know you can cook roasts on it to enjoy on the hottest of days when no way do you want roast style heat in the kitchen yet you savour even the thought of roasted chook or lamby leg?

    Happy to email easy, full on flavour recipes,

    care and huggles from a very cold and damp Wellington (11c just now)

    Michelle and Zebbycat (snuggled under his quilt and snoring)

  6. Scott says:

    It’s also got a wok burner on the other side. I’m glad it’s getting some use, and that Maris enjoys the couch, it was Doris’ favourite place. Is the clock still keeping time?

  7. Devi says:

    Wandered over here from Magneto Bold Too’s amazing blog.

    BBQ’s are the best fun, loving the way they bring the family together over the making of the meal. Plus the whole… “I wonder if you can BBQ .

    But it is the Kitteh Pikkeh that has me absolutely squealing in joy! Oh ty for sharing that! Now to put it up everywhere I can find for my lovely german hubby thing. 🙂

  8. river says:

    Prawn kebabs marinated in a lime/chilli sauce, then barbecued, yumyumyumyumyum

  9. frog says:

    Never get between an Aussie bloke and his bbq, even one as ‘unblokey’ as mine (he is a muso, after all). Fixit is right, a beer in one hand is required, and apparently there’s an intricate etiquette involved in blokes standing round a bbq – minimum time btw one bloke putting the tongs down and another picking it up, poking another bloke’s meat (!) etc.

  10. MistressB says:

    I want a bbq like that one. Ours doesn’t have the hooded top to allow for roasting but still, we do get a lot of good use out of it!

  11. Ellen says:

    Dear friends are never far from our thoughts, no matter how far they may have travelled. TG for the computer, with technology they are never more than a click away.

  12. Stacey says:

    I laughed at Stomper’s comment because my Mr insists barbequeing must be accompanyed by a beer.
    Your Maris *is* like my Harvey – well his grey bits anyway. Such a little cat, or is it a huge chair?

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