I hate Mr Darcy.

Because All Helmets Should Have Prefixes

Feeling a bit UNinvolved in anything at the moment.

Got back to quilting yesterday and pieced and basted another rainbow quilt, this time for Dan’s Mum. Sat down today to quilt it and for some reason the thread keeps breaking on the needle. Changed needles but no joy. I hate it when Mr Darcy is recalcitrant. So I had a hissy fit, threw the quilt to one side and stamped out of the room. I may have sworn once or twice as well…

Then I baked a lemon slice but with chocolate icing instead of lemon, then I looked at some pancake batter that was left over from lunch. Rather than throw it out I made some chewy oaty cookies with chocolate chips. They’re probably a bit too chewy for the boys, but if they want a chocolate fix then that’s all I have on offer.

I looked out of the window and saw this:


Maybe dogs DO look a little bit like their owners?

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5 Responses to I hate Mr Darcy.

  1. trashalou says:

    Nothing like having a little tanty stomp – things always seem so much better afterwards.

  2. moonspun says:

    Maybe they do…
    And that demotivational site is hilarious!

  3. MistressB says:

    I hope Mr Darcy learnt his lesson…

  4. Ellen says:

    The lemon cake sounds good, and the choc chip chewies …… yummmmm …………. my January diet is NOT going well! Enjoy the chill-out time.

  5. river says:

    Chewies from pancake batter? That’s a new one .
    Yum, lemon slice with chocolate icing.
    Perhaps the quilting problem is faults in the thread, not the needle. I have a spool of thread somewhere that I really should throw out, it’s totally useless in the machine and even for hand stitching, it just keeps breaking. Really don’t know why I’ve hung on to it.

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