3 more days of holidays.

I drove past the school and had a little wail. I don’t want to go back yet!

Though this happens every holidays. Once I’m back at work I love it.

p1240002Spent all yesterday doing the quilting on Dan’s Mum’s quilt. I decided to beat Mr Darcy into submission, but first I decided to learn how to clean and oil him up. (I know, I know…. my bad.)

It made him run a lot smoother, but the thread kept breaking anyway, despite adjustments for tension. His, not mine.

David2 was here alone with me this weekend. He wandered past at about 1 when I was wrestling with the machine. Jokingly I said to him, “Remind me again why I took up this hobby?”

He grinned and kept going.

Three hours later he walked by again and stood as I swore viciously at the machine, the cotton and the world in general.

“Mum, why did you start this hobby?”

“Because I’m having a bloody good time!” I said. “Isn’t it obvious?!?”

I soldiered on anyway, until the thread finally finished and I started a new reel. Things went a lot better then. It still took a whole day to finish a half day job though, but at least it’s done. I’ll make and attach the binding today and then quietly do the handsewing over this week.

Haven’t started any more knitting, though the humungously big needles needed for the French Press Slippers are sitting on the table beside the sewing machine. I have to knit with three strands of wool, so that’s a little intimidating. I might start a new quilt instead… I still have 3 days…

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11 Responses to 3 more days of holidays.

  1. trashalou says:

    three days? Go on, you can do at least one in that time!

  2. Andi says:

    I think Mr Darcy needs a seriously good talking to!!!
    Enjoy the rest of the hols.
    Andi x

  3. Urspo says:

    it is fun realizing in the midst of a hobby ‘how did I get here?”
    I have a theory most hobbies were accidental curiosities few people intended to take up.

  4. Jo says:

    Just a question, when things improved after you changed thread reels did you think that maybe the thread was dodgy? Particularly if you get stuff from one of those bargain basement bins where you get thread for a dollar a roll.

  5. Frogdancer says:

    It was Gutermann thread….

  6. natalie says:

    was the bobbin thread from the same reel? My ‘relaxation’ at the machine involved a lot less swearing after someone gave me that advice (thanks Mum)

  7. moonspun says:

    Lovely…as always. It’s funny, though…not to always quite know when and why you started something.

  8. libby says:

    I have 2 days off then 5 days straight until i have nearly all of Feb off. I have patterns and materials ready to make some quilts. I have spent the last 24hrs cursing a pattern and now realise I cant alter it… i will have to do it like it says 😦

  9. Lorraine says:

    Grrrrrrrr..don’t you hate it when things don’t go to plan……..I had the opposite happen today when I was machine quilting……everything went perfectly…no crappy tension issues or anything…couldn’t believe it…..!! There are days when it just works….and of course….days when it doesn’t! My kids (teachers) have been back at work for a few days now…..most schools start on Wednesday…..Enjoy the last three days of your holidays! You should get loads done in that time!

  10. Jo says:

    Guterman thread? Okay, well that theory goes out the window. Or maybe…. Mr Darcy doesn’t like that quality, smooth thread that comes from the nice part of town…maybe he likes a bit o’rough? Didya think of that? Eh?

    Yeah, I know. I’m struggling here *grin*.

  11. Kez says:

    You could try Rasant Polycotton; it has a bit of stretch to it, and isn’t as touchy as plain cotton or poly. It’s sort of the best of both worlds, and economical too.
    Sometimes the problems are just one particular reel of thread; who knows why.

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