First day back at work…

…and the washing machine has broken down.

Couldn’t break down over the holidays when I was at home all day to wait for a repair man now, could it? Ohhhh no.

Let’s see if the 18 year old uni student who’s here all day can remember to call and make an appointment. He’ll have to be here when the guy comes to fix it.

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6 Responses to First day back at work…

  1. Jayne says:

    Murphy is a bugger like that.

    Love the new fringe, too!

  2. Jo says:

    Speaking of going back to school…

    Remember how I was gloating about my kids going back to school and me getting my free time back? Murphy was listening to me too and Charlotte has chicken pox. Will miss the entire first week of school.

    Stop laughing!

  3. Watershedd says:

    Ah, poop. Murphy seems to be getting around this week. He’s visited the GOFA too!

  4. persiflage says:

    Yet again the great Disaster-Disher-Out in the Sky wreaks havoc on innocent people….

  5. Stacey says:

    Hope you had a good first day back (apart from the dishwasher debacle of course).
    Have you had many bemused parents wanting to ask questions about My School or am I the only parent wanting to ask them?

  6. Those darling machines just love breaking down at the worng time for their humans. My washing machine recently refused to spin when loaded with a sopping wet light duvet (Aussie trans: doona) . Nowt to do with what I put in it, an incy electronic bit had keeled over from young old age .

    One incy, expensive replacement part and call out charge, and much back ache from removing the soggy heavy duvet later …………….. hope it has gone better for you

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