A giveaway!

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Very busy today… though guess what happened yesterday? On the first day of teaching/meeting my year 9 class I gave them some homework to do that night for class the next day. THEY ALL COMPLETED IT. Every single one. Don’t they know that year 9s are supposed to be nonconformist rebels who care not a jot for rules and teacher expectations?

I’ve got a bunch of freaks…

Though mine are in school uniform.


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7 Responses to A giveaway!

  1. Mad Woman says:

    Ahahahahaha I love that picture!! I can’t believe they all finished their homework. What a let down to Year 9s everywhere!

  2. Linda says:

    That’s because they still think that they are in year 8! Give them a week or so and then see what happens. Love the picture.

  3. trashalou says:

    Huh! Who knew I spent my entire secondary school career operating as a Yr. 9!

  4. frog says:

    Or you scared the bejeesus out of them.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    that is one scary photo

  6. paige says:

    Clearly, they are robots.

    Or pod people.


  7. Isabelle says:

    Wow. Never happens to me.

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