Oops! I did it again…

I knitted a hat.

I used delectable Malabrigo wool that I bought online from the US. Yes, I caved and bought some to see what all the fuss was about. Now I know.

I knitted the Improv hat from this pattern. Finished it in two days. It was warm, soft and exquisite. It even looked good on me when I put it on, which NEVER happens with hats.

It was beautiful. I was in love with it. I didn’t take a photo straight away. What was the hurry? This hat was for me and would be with me forever.

Then my friend Sandy tried it on.

I’m telling you, it suits her so much! Much better than it suited me. She was obviously meant to have it.

So I’ve given away another thing that I’ve made. At least this time I know that when I knit it again it will suit me and I’ll be looking forward to it with anticipation…

(Oh… and Sandy? I’ll be over sometime soon to take a photo of it for my ‘Frogdancer Knits’ and Ravelry pages, ok?)

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4 Responses to Oops! I did it again…

  1. Ellen says:

    I took a look at the hat and it looks stylishly simple, or do I mean simply stylish? Lucky Sandy, but don’t forget to make another one for yourself. Hope school is going ok.

  2. Urspo says:

    You made me laugh
    the opps I knitted a hat sounds so absent minded, like you blanked out for a second or two only to discover in your lap was a fedora made of yarn.
    I just hate when that happens to me.

  3. Jayne says:

    The hat looks great šŸ™‚
    Just Googled the wool and it looks oh so very tempting, no wonder you caved lol.

  4. Jo says:

    I make beaded jewellery and when I’m showing people what I’ve made I have a tendency to give away pieces when they admire them. Why not? At least you know they like it before you give it to them, and it’s not like I actually wear much jewellery *grin*.

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