I am an idiot.

No really…. I am.

Remember in my last post how I said I was whingeing about my job last night?

An hour ago I had the BEST poetry lesson with my year 9 English class. I read them a couple of dramatic monologues… one by an ex-student and one by me, (just to prove that I don’t ask them to do anything that I’m not prepared to do.)

They LOVED them! One girl, who’d started the week by saying how much she hated poetry, was raving about the poem by the ex student and asking if she could keep her copy to put it up on her wall. Then, after we’d gone over mine, she asked me to bring more of my work in. (I won’t, because that’s a bit sad, but it was nice to hear!) There were bursts of laughter as I was reading the first poem, (which is a lovely poem about bullying) while they totally got my poem about the stalker. We were talking about the symbols and the ways the poets used language to get their point/s across, they were sensitive to the nuances and we had a brilliant discussion about how dramatic monolgues work and how they can do similar things with their own writing. Even the boys at the back were offering opinions and getting involved. Great stuff.

I left that class with a definite spring in my step. Why have I avoided year 9 English for so long?

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17 Responses to I am an idiot.

  1. Great to hear you are kicking goals and enjoying your class!

  2. Marita says:

    That is fantastic. I’m so glad it was better than you had anticipated 🙂

  3. Eleanor says:

    I don’t think it’s sad to bring your own work in. I think it’s marvellous and I wish I had had even one English teacher in all those years who even hinted at the fact that he / she enjoyed writing.

  4. Eleanor says:

    Also, please stop calling my friend an idiot 😉

  5. libby says:

    my eldest is in year 10 and doing gothic horror for her english lit. she was looking forward to it, until she got her teacher, she claims he is so boring she falls asleep in class…. she wrote a really cool poem too. wish she had you!

  6. Mad Woman says:

    Glad you’re enjoying it!!

  7. M says:

    Gosh, and I thought Year 9 was that horror year that you relegate to some camp out whoop whoop so sort them out. Who knew they could appreciate poetry?

  8. Kin says:

    I had one of those days today. I hate Wednesdays. Full day of teaching, playground duty at morning tea and lunchtimes invariably spent supervising grade 8’s who haven’t done homework or work in class.

    For some reason, despite 10 x grade 8 detentions, only 2 of which showed up, and 3 lessons which went nothing according to plan, I feel like I had a successful day.

  9. Sanna says:

    I’m not exactly sure what age your ‘year 9’ is, but as I recall, I was really into poetry in my early teens – it just wasn’t cool to admit it. I think it would be great to have a teacher who shares her own writing.

  10. persiflage says:

    How terrific. I am expecting to hear great things about the boys at the back. Are there boys at the front too?

  11. Jayne says:

    Cos yr 9 used to be the turning point where kids turned feral and had attitude but now they wait til they’ve turn 30 and move back home lol.
    Nice to hear you’ve got some appreciative students 😉

  12. Courtney says:

    That’s awesome! It’s always great to have one of those days – it keeps you going? (By the way – I don’t know how old “year 9” is either. Can you tell us?)

  13. Marylee says:

    May we see some? Share the one about bullying. Please, oh please, Ms. Frogdancer!

    9th grade is such an icky time for kids. How lucky to have an awesome teacher to help them through it.

  14. Katy says:

    That is so cool!

    Every time I read your posts about teaching I think that I need to come and do my student teaching with you. I wonder if the powers that be would go for that? 😉

  15. Ellen says:

    The Year 9’s sound really promising. It just goes to show how great a positive attitude is.

  16. Joh says:

    I loved year 9 English. They made me like poetry again. I think they are just the exact age to get into it and even if they don’t know it … they do!

    I am glad you enjoyed it. It really is those classes that keep all the other pains in place:-)

  17. moonspun says:

    You are no idiot, but you are a great teacher!

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