How do you make God laugh?

Make a plan.

As we were getting ready for school this morning the boys waved ominous looking yellow forms at me, saying, “You need to pay for instrument hire, Mum.”

Shit. I paid for everything school related like music tuition, fees, school books and stationary last year, but they weren’t billing for instrument hire till this year, which of course I’d forgotten about. $170 per instrument, Three children. That was $510 I spent at the bursar’s office this morning.

Universe, I will NOT be cowed or dissuaded. I am sticking to the challenge! I WILL pay off my mortgage in 5 years (or thereabouts.)

On fairly related news, when Tony dropped the younger boys off from their weekend with him I went out and showed Evan4’s undershot teeth to him and said that he will have to get braces this year. I said that I didn’t want to do it till the next financial year so I can claim as many medical expenses as possible on my tax return, so I was giving him a few months notice. If he wanted to pay up front that’d be great, but otherwise he could pay his half through installments with the child support. (At $300 a month for 3 boys (Tom1 isn’t being “supported” by his father any more since he turned 18) I figured that it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch. His share of the cost of the braces will probably be around 2.5K.)

His reply? In front of Evan4?

In a lofty tone he said, “Well, if I have some spare cash around that time I’ll be glad to do it.”

Call me crazy, but alarm bells rang with that little statement. “If I have some spare cash…”?

He didn’t like it when I calmly said that it was not an optional payment we were talking about here. He started to get a bit narky, especially when I reminded him that we have already gone through this when Tom1 and Ryan3 needed braces. He started to say some quite nasty things until I said that if he kept on talking the way he was, then I’d take the path that David2 has taken and refuse to talk to him again because I was simply not going to put up with the attitude. He mumbled something about him not liking my attitude, then shut up when he looked at Evan4 standing there.

I’m pretty sure he’ll pay his half, because how can he NOT when he’s already paid for half of the other boys’ braces?  He just wants to see if he can wriggle out of it but I’m damned if I feel obliged to let him.

Still, isn’t it funny? I give myself a financial challenge and look what happens!

But I laugh at these events. I bite my thumb at them! (That’s a ‘Romeo and Juliet’ quote, for those who are interested.)

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13 Responses to How do you make God laugh?

  1. Katrina says:

    Can’t type the first few words that popped into my mind – burn hole in screen – like the way you handled it though!!!

  2. libby says:

    you go girl!!
    bills are the bane of my life too… hate those coloured forms that apear when you really cant afford them. we got another set of braces in about 12-18mths time too 😦 ugh

  3. Lee says:

    Gahh! Not my place to dis your ex so moving on. In the years to come, your son is not going to remember what his dad didn’t do so much as he will remember what *you did* for him. You are a good mom. And that is priceless!

  4. nicole says:

    What a sleazebag….
    I wish there were more single mum’s in government.

    This month I was surprised to find an “extra” 200 Bucks in my account. Then I realised my gas bill hadn’t been paid, because at the time the payment was supposed to go through I was short about 20 bucks in the account, and the bank stops set up transfers if they would bring you into debt… ARGH! And I had already been imagining what I’d be buying with some of the extra money 😉

  5. Natalie says:

    I will bite my thumb at him too… or in his general direction anyway. gah… I have a very low tolerance for men who leave off being dads. I know the type all too well.
    I hope your plans and dreams prevail.

  6. mamatulip says:

    Excellent Shakespeare quote, my friend.

    I applaud you and your calmness. Applaud!

  7. Courtney says:

    Your situation with your ex reminds me very much of how things were between my parents. My mom was basically left to support two kids because my dad needed all his funds to support his “social life”, regardless of the fact he made far more money than my mom ever did. If you ask him today, he’d swear up and down he did just as much to raise us as my mom did (and the funny part is, he believes this. . .) – but my sister and I know how things really were. Like Lee said, your kids will know who was there for them and who sacrificed for them. And they will also know who didn’t.

    Stick with your plan – we all fall off the frugality wagon once in a while!!

  8. LynneFtWorth says:

    I know that you can rise to the challenge of paying off your mortgage. I paid my 30 year mortgage in less than 20. It took a bit out of my savings to finally pay it off but it was well worth it. Now I use the money I would pay for the mortgage as a monthly savings, or if something major comes up I know that I will have a little cushion to help pay for it. Main thing is taxes and insurance, on the house itself.

    Good luck and I know that you can do it. I mean if I can do it you can do it too.

  9. persiflage says:

    My reaction to your ex is that he needs to have his toenails pulled out. You handled it well. The situation, that is, not the toenails.

  10. jodie says:

    and I fart in his general direction !

  11. moonspun says:

    YOu tell them. Maybe you just needed these things to happen to make sure that you want to stick to your plan!

  12. mumma boo says:

    I’m still reeling at how he gets off only paying $300 a month for 3 boys. That’s not even enough for the food bill for two weeks for growing boys! Spare cash, indeed. Kudos to you for the classy way you handled it. Your boys know exactly who is their champion.

  13. Isabelle says:

    That is just unbelievable. (I don’t mean that I don’t believe you!) What a horrible parent. (Him.)

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