Intercostal Fingerless Gloves. (again)

p3060138I should have been marking year 12 essays, or making Scott’s Gone-Away gift, or cleaning the house…

p3060139… but I had the weekend alone with David2, who requested black gloves after seeing the ones I made for Ryan3. Luckily for me, he wanted his gloves to be of a normal size, not past his elbows like Ryan3’s ones.

p3060136(Just for Suse... we were watching a dvd of ‘The Office’ when this shot was taken. Mother-son bonding time.)

I cast these on while supervising a year 12 essay on Monday. Cast off on Saturday. Nice and quick.

Ravelised here. (Popped on to give the link to the pattern but you now have to buy it. Still, with 2 teenage boys here who love it, I’d say that even though it’s not a free pattern any more, it’d be money well spent.)

Made with Spotlight’s Basic 8ply wool. It’s 100% wool with no frills… cheap and perfect for a project like this . One ball per glove.

p3060137It’s nice to have a satisfied ‘customer’!

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5 Responses to Intercostal Fingerless Gloves. (again)

  1. Urspo says:

    They are stylish.

  2. Rhu says:

    I really like them, I have a pair gifted to me last year. But it’s still way too hot up here to even think about wearing them 🙂

  3. Marylee says:

    So are they in women’s sizes, too?

    Amazed at your schedule and output. Do you sleep?!

  4. Courtney says:

    wowie! I love those ! (Also love the doggie face in the first photo!)

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