Holidays are here!

I talked to David2 last night!

Yesterday we watched an episode from ‘Survivor’ that we downloaded from the US and it was the Best Survivor Episode Ever. The two Survivor titans Russell and Boston Rob going head to head with their strategising. It was fascinating. I was literally on the edge of my seat. It airs on Tuesday night in Melbourne and if anyone who reads this is also a Melbourne Survivor tragic, you REALLY don’t want to miss it.

Anyway, the point of the last paragraph was that as soon as it was over I rang my friend Liz and told her to get herself over here to see it. She loves the show just as much as we do. Her son Dan is also on camp and he is with Virgin , which covers Alice Springs. So she rang him, told him to put David2 on the phone and we had a quick chat. We didn’t talk for long because he was in a queue to get dessert and he was surrounded by many hyped up kids who were loud.

Today they climb the rock. He was feeling awful by the time they got to Alice Springs but now he has his medication he’s starting to come good. The kids are all having a ball. It was lovely to hear his voice. Apparently he loves me, which I think is a good thing to hear every now and then.

Today is also the last day of school for two glorious fun-filled weeks. On Sunday I’m taking the younger two off to Creswick for a few days to play golf (them) and sew, knit and read (me). There’ll be no internet so I’ll be forced to talk to my children and actually make things instead of just thinking about it. I’ve finished every jot of correction so I have two clear weeks of life ahead of me. Are you up for a cuppa, Jodie?

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14 Responses to Holidays are here!

  1. Jodie says:

    Jodie me ??? too right !!

  2. Andi says:

    Have a lovely break!!

  3. Stomper Girl says:

    So looking forward to the holidays! PS Real name slip alert, I think.

  4. Melanie says:

    Creswick? Hey, say Hi to my Mum for me 🙂 Lovely place, enjoy the serenity! (But… no internet? Eeeek!)

    I was about to let you in on the slip up too, but seems Caroline beat me to it.

  5. Mad Woman says:

    Have a good break! We’ve got a week of school left and I’m dreading the holidays!

  6. river says:

    Enjoy your down time. Two whole weeks!

  7. libby says:

    evil russell…. he is the bestest!!! we have been watching the episodes and saw the trailers…. will be sitting there at 8.40pm ready and waiting!

  8. trash says:

    Where? I have scoured the post and cannot see a name slip ANYWHERE!

  9. Marylee says:

    Two weeks? Great! Are you actually taking your sewing machine?

  10. Jayne says:

    Hope you all have a lovely, relaxing time and watch out for the crows who nick golfballs 😉

  11. Courtney says:

    Have a great break!! Do some extra relaxing for all us folks stuck inside behind our desks 🙂

  12. Sounds good and I assume its summer time, great!

  13. Elizabeth says:

    enjoy the break!

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