They’re at it again.

I was sitting in the lounge room after dinner watching tv, when I crealised I could hear the sliding glass back door constantly opening and shutting. It was dark out there… and cold. What was going on?

Even4 and David2 were burning things.

p4120136The constant traffic was Evan4 going in and out, bringing new things to the fire to burn.

p4120137David2 was laughing about it with me later.

“He was bringing out all sorts of stuff.”

p4120136“Old socks, papers… he brought out his French book from last year. We really loved that one!”

p4120139They had a lovely time, but when they came in they smelt like they’d been in a bushfire. It was only until they’d had their showers and gone to bed that I realised they’d accidentally let Daphne out with all of the to-ing and fro-ing.

p5230065She knows how to open the heavy glass door. I wouldn’t mind so much except I knew what would happen.

Sure enough, at 1.10AM there she was, banging on the front door to be let in. At least when Tom1 comes in at that hour, he has the decency (and the opposable thumbs) to let himself in and put himself to bed.

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5 Responses to They’re at it again.

  1. Jayne says:

    Top of your shopping list should be leaf tea and a billy, more marshmallows, bread for toasting and a quick recipe for damper 😉

  2. trash says:

    The only thing boys like more than fire is a stick to poke it with.

  3. river says:

    Did you check to make sure they haven’t burnt any current homework assignments?

  4. well at least they didn’t find any firecrackers to chuck in the fire.

  5. Sanna says:

    I am in awe that you are allowed to have an open fire in the city.
    and that no-one else seems surprised by this.

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