Old and haggard.

You know your life has reached a new stage when you go to the Palais Theatre late at night…

… not to boogie on down but to pick up your two oldest children who were there seeing a show.


Normally I would have been tucked up in bed by then.

*Double sigh*

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7 Responses to Old and haggard.

  1. Ha Ha…I thought you were talking about me when I read the heading for the post…old and haggard…..works for me …it’s been a roller coaster week…..! The weekend is almost here and I can’t wait….!

  2. No, not old, just haggard ‘cos you have to sit up late waiting to pick them up………….
    Driving, when all you want is to visit Mr Sandman!!

  3. river says:

    “old?” “haggard?” What are these words that I’ve never heard before? Please explain…..

  4. Not the Palaise, because I’m in Sydney –
    but WAVES of empathy from me.

  5. Sorry, misspelled “Palais”. A lifetime of typing means some letter sequences are automatic. 🙂

  6. When you’re picking up grandchildren you know you’re there!

  7. Jayne says:

    I’ll see your Palais children pick-up and raise you ‘9pm and ready for bed on a Friday night but Dad wants to sit up watching old movies’ LOL.

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