Molly really ‘loves’ those chooks.

I have included photos of our first egg.

p5090137A fresh googie egg. Om nom nom…

p5090138I take a taste…

p5090141Oh wow… it tastes different. It has….p5090142…………….FLAVOUR!!!!!

Honestly, I was absolutely gobsmacked. I’ve never had a tastier egg. I offered the egg to the kids to have but they each said, “No, it’s Mother’s Day. It’s your egg.”

They missed their chance. I’ll fight the kids for them, now.

On another note, we went to my parents’ place for Mothers Day lunch. When we came back, Evan4 and I raced down to the chook pen to see the girls.

“Let’s lift up the roof,” said Evan4 and he lifted it up. As he did this, Molly jumped onto the roof off the nesting box and then into the pen.

Absolute Pandemonium! The chooks shrieked and made a mad scramble to get the hell out. One jumped completely out and was on the roof of the run. I reacted instinctively, reached out and grabbed her by the legs and held her upside down, just like the nice farmer told me to do. (It works, you know. That hen just stayed still. I probably would have dropped her if she did something homicidal like flap her wings.)

I looked back and the other hen was balanced precariously on the side of the coop, one step away from free ranging all over the backyard. Bertie was waiting for her to jump. Lord knows where the cats were…

Molly was still leaping around joyously in the pen and Evan4 was backing away from the hen. I still had hold of the roof, so I had a hen in one hand and the roof in the other.

“Grab the chook! Grab her!” I yelled at him. I didn’t want her to get away, because I knew we’d never catch her.

“I can’t!” he said, hands in the air like an old vaudvillian.

I yelled at him again, then David2 came striding down the yard, swept Evan4 a scornful glance and lifted Molly out of the run. Then, with one push, the hen went tumbling gracelessly back into the pen.

At least we still have two chickens.


Look at her little Molly face. How is it possible that she could act like that?

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12 Responses to Molly really ‘loves’ those chooks.

  1. Jayne says:

    Once you eat your own home grown googie eggs your palate is forever spoiled for the tasteless rubbery things you get elsewhere 😉

  2. Mistress B says:

    You’ll notice that the yolks are a lot brighter in colour too as they start to free range and apparently chooks that eat fresh grass have eggs full of omega 3’s too.

    Perhaps you need to put Molly on a lead when you ‘visit’ the chooks until she gets used to the idea of being calm around them.

  3. Urspo says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to you !

  4. Melanie says:

    Now probably wouldn’t be a great time to tell you about how much better the taste of home grown organic *chicken* is, would it?! My mum keeps chooks for eggs and meat, and they won’t ever buy chicken again, the difference is so remarkable. I’m just waiting for the old shed in the back to be demolished, then we too will be having some egg-layers. Fun!

  5. Lightening says:

    Well, it wouldn’t be the Frogdancer household without a little drama! 🙂

    I didn’t even used to EAT eggs. DH had to convince me to try our own and now I really enjoy them.

  6. Wendy says:

    Gave me my morning giggle, thank you very much…

    Off to put the bloody roof on the bleepin’ chook house so we can get our 10 teenaged chickies out of the playroom already!

  7. Marylee says:

    If you fry one, the white won’t run all over the pan like it’s water.

    I know they’re better. I just don’t know if it’s worth it.

  8. river says:

    Try a homemade sponge cake made with your very own eggs. You’ll never buy a mass-produced cake again.
    Also, move the chook pen around the yard a little more often if it’s on the small side, the chooks won’t take long to dig over and fertilise each patch and you can have the weeds cleared up that much faster.
    I love your egg-cup. So stylish.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    A white goog! Homegrown! Yum!

  10. fairlie says:

    Oh chooks. I think I’ve shared my views about chooks with you before. I’m still working through my issues with them, and I was a teenager when I last had chooks in the backyard!

  11. M says:

    I would still love to have chooks. I can only imagine what our nightmare neighbour would have to say about that!!

    Food with flavour? Who would’ve thought?

  12. Isabelle says:

    Well… I enjoyed the photo story but it might be easier just to pull out the weeds? Less fun, I dare say.

    What happens if they get ill or… die?

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