Eggs, eggs everywhere…

*We’re getting an egg a day. Evan4 is the one who gets home first so he’s been collecting it. He’s keeping track of the size of each egg because they’ve been increasing every day, yesterday was the first day it was bigger than our shop bought ones. We were all so proud. The chook doesn’t use the nesting box; she just lays it in the coop. Is that weird?

*Also had a lovely long conversation with Scott in England via Skype. We talked for 3 hours and he took me on a guided tour of his new house. So gorgeous… I want one. (A Victorian terrace on a tree-lined street. Is that too much to ask?)

*Haven’t done a single creative thing since Craft Camp. Maybe this weekend things will start happening…?

Obviously life here in Frogdancer Land is filled with incident and colour. Or maybe not. Life is just chugging along in a steady pace, with that middle-of-the-school-term feel. The next big job is to get the veggie patch securely fenced so that the chooks don’t eat all of my carefully cultivated spinach. The kids are at Tony’s place so it’ll just be David2 and me, and he’s sick with a flu bug. So I guess it’ll just be me. A wonky fence will still keep them out, won’t it?p4260155

Speaking of craft camp; this is the fabric that I made my skirt from. It’s covered with eggs. I SWEAR I bought this fabric over a year ago, before I ever dreamed I’d get hens. Maybe some things are just meant to be?

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2 Responses to Eggs, eggs everywhere…

  1. persiflage says:

    This post makes me realise how little I know about chooks – or why they keep laying. Most birds just lay once a year, don’t they? Another of life’s great mysteries.
    My grandparents used to keep chooks, back in the dim distant past when it was a normal thing to do. At Christmas and Easter a chook would be chosen for our celebratory lunch, and executed, with a certain amount of drama, by my grandfather. First catch your chook….

  2. Marylee says:

    Skirt fabric is an excellent choice, since your kids consider you a Good Egg.

    Good luck with the fence, Your Wonkiness. 🙂

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