Life is unfair.

We’ve been sharing the eggs. Every day another egg for a new person to eat.

Why is it that the one person who wasn’t terribly enthusiastic about getting the chickens got the only double yolker?

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7 Responses to Life is unfair.

  1. nicole says:

    To convince him that the chickens were an awesome idea?

  2. river says:

    I love double-yolkers. It’s like getting something good for free. I once bought a carton of eggs that had three doubles in it.

  3. Widget says:

    bahahaha…….gotta love the irony…..

  4. katrina says:

    You might be lucky and have a chicken that regularly lays double yokers, the cafe I work at gets eggs from several people and one of these supplyers has an egg that gives lots of double yokers, did see in our local newspaper that someone had three yolks in one of their eggs

  5. Jayne says:

    Yummo! Double yolkers are like getting a bonus freebie ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Jenny@Erinport says:

    Hello Froggie – am just trying to get started on settling in to the new place near Shepparton, having arrived yesterday morning with a mountain-size truck containing all things “Erinport” AND about 100 boxes which Raewyn helped me pack. It took most of the day to unload the truck !

    But I did get organised enough to get the TV working (so that I could see the Maggies drown the Dockers, yahoo) and got the computer going in 5 minutes – took a Polaroid photo of the back of the processor and drew a diagram of where all the different coloured plugs went. Works like a charm.

    I’ve got a ready-made dog run here (?? possible chook run ??) – it’s about 10′ wide, 50′ long, proper fence with ‘deer-proof’ top and really decent gate, might be good for some chookies one day.

    Haven’t had chooks since I was a little tacker – my Grandma had them too, and I remember some rather distressing times chasing headless chooks after Pa beheaded them to become Sunday dinner ! Googles were lovely though.

    You’re getting quite a menagerie now, aren’t you ? Hugs to Molly and Bertams, Hi to Maris and Daphne (if they’re talking to anyone with new invaders in THEIR territory) and welcome to the New Girls on The Block ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Urspo says:

    Because life is either unfair or very funny, depending on your attitude.

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