Knee deep in chickens.


Guess what David2 and I did all weekend? We bought chickens. We went mad.

The other boys were at their Dad’s and so we had no cooler heads to stop the insanity. Here’s what we bought yesterday when we went to Lilydale:


They’re his babies. Three day old Silky chicks. When they grow up they’ll look like this. How could we possibly resist anything so ridiculous?


At the moment they live on his desk, but soon they’ll graduate to a bigger box and then into a dog crate. They’ll be sharing his room for the next couple of months. He was desperate to have them, so it’ll be a big learning curve for him.


Last night as he was going to bed he was whingeing, “They won’t shut up.”

He already had a towel draped over the top of their box. I remembered the nice boy we bought them from saying that they’ll cheep if they’re cold, so I went and got another (dark) towel to add to the top of the box, being careful that it didn’t touch the desk lamp. Didn’t really fancy being burned to a crisp in our beds because David2 wanted to imprint some chicks. I also put a big cardboard box on its side to block the light from the lamp from his bed. The chicks got quieter once the second towel went on and David2hasn’t surfaced yet, so i have no idea how they all survived the night.

“Being a parent is hard!” he said as I left the room.

When I was in year 11 Biology I imprinted 2 chicks and they lived with us until they reached the gangly adolescent stage, when I gave the remaining one to my friend’s Dad who had chooks. (One got eaten by a cat when we left them with a friend of mine when we went away for the weekend. Mother Nature is cruel.) I enjoyed doing it and I think David2 will like it too, particularly as we’re going to keep any that don’t turn out to be roosters. The really good thing is that the nice boy called Jordan who sold them to us will definitely take back any roosters, as he has no trouble selling them. So we don’t have to face the grim possibility of being ruthless to any fluffy little crowers. I figured that out of 4 babies we have a good chance of keeping a couple.

The coop and run we’re now using will be given to the silkies in a couple of months, because on SATURDAY David2 and I went to Emerald and bought Buffy and Willow, the Isa Browns.


This one is Buffy. She and Willow hate my guts and curse the day they ever came to our place.

“Will it be ok to put the new hens in with the ones we’ve had for a week?” I asked the lady on the phone the night before.
“Do you have a separate coop? No? Well… they’re all young so it should be alright,” she said.

ALRIGHT? It’s been like World War 3 for chooks all weekend.

Buffy is older then Willow. Willow still hasn’t grown the comb on the top of her head, and she spends most of her time hiding in a nesting box away from our white ones. The white ones hate the brown ones with a passion and torment them with glee.


This is where they spend their time. This is an action shot when I lifted the roof to snap some shots. Willow is depressed and has her head in the corner of the nesting box.


Buffy starts running because…


… Maggie came in to beat her up again.

Plans are afoot to build a bigger run and coop, so the silkies can have this one. The poor brown chooks need some more space to get away.

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16 Responses to Knee deep in chickens.

  1. Lorraine says:

    you know how some people collect cats and become cat ladies? ……..looks like you are well on your way to being a chook lady! Hope the girls all learn to “play nicely” soon!

  2. katrina says:

    Ummm what is imprinting chicks

  3. librarygirl says:

    Our neighbours have six chooks and they are getting five eggs some days. She brought me in a box yesterday. Said she can’t believe how much she and her husband dote on them, cosset, play etc with them, and how much they are enjoying them as much more than just little egg machines!
    And I can hear how excited the chooks get when she comes outside, this gorgeous clucky murmur they all make. Sweet.

  4. persiflage says:

    This is all vastly entertaining, interesting and instructive. Good for all of you lot. Have you thought of becoming a reality TV series, thereby earning pots of dough as well as having the excellent supply of good eggs?

  5. Pixie says:

    HAH!!!love it.what a great addiction!!!

  6. Urspo says:

    I was down in the henhouse, down on my knees
    when I thought I heard a chicken sneeze
    but it was only the rooster saying his prayers
    thanking the Lord
    for the hens upstairs.

  7. river says:

    Ha Ha @ Urspo!!

    Keep an eye on Maggie. If she doesn’t accept the new chooks soon you may have to separate her for a while.

  8. Widget says:

    So all your chickens have come home to roost hey…….


  9. jodie says:

    oooh they can be vicious….sometimes they will harras the lowest (on the pecking order) to death…really.
    Maybe a place where the poor picked-on one can get away would be a good idea….

    (grew up on a farm)

  10. Jenny@Erinport says:

    Froggie – MORE chooks !!!! Is this what being obsessive compulsive is about ?? Lovely though, must say.

    Mind you, herself here shouldn’t speak out of turn should she ? She who at some stage in her life has had up to 30 dogs PLUS puppies !!!!! Oh, and mustn’t forget Miss Alexis Putemtat, although she’s gone to God now, she of the Lilac Burmese.

    Got a bit better these days, down to 3 Cavaliers plus 4 puppies now – maybe that still makes me obsessive compulsive !

    Lordy, we’re a mad lot aren’t we ??

  11. Ellen says:

    The Silky chicks are ridiculously gorgeous and will be even more so when they grow up – although they do have something of the feathery drag-queen about them. Hope they will be blessed with suitably outrageous names.

  12. Marylee says:

    Living on his desk?! LOL! Giving up homework for the baby chicks. . . what a guy! 🙂

  13. mamatulip says:

    My husband wants desperately to build a chicken coop in our backyard and house some chickens. My argument has always been that they wouldn’t survive a night out there – some fox or coyote or wolf would get them in a second, I’m sure of it – but the truth is, chickens wig me out. There, I said it – I’m afraid of chickens.

    I’ve never said that before.

    Wow, this has been quite therapeutic for me – thanks, Frogdancer.

    • Frogdancer says:

      I was scared of them too before I got these ones. I’d definitely get some brown ones if Dave manages to talk you round…. the brown ones are so friendly. The white ones are pretty, but they won’t let me near them.

  14. Elizabeth says:

    Those silkies are too cute to be real. If they imprint on David2 does he get to take them to uni in due course? Are you going to let the big ones into the house too for socialising?

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