Coming home for lunch.

Saw this clip on Youtube this morning. The teenage boy section is the funniest…. I wonder why I think so?

Willow, the brown chook with the gammy leg, is even gammier. I have been putting the brown ones out in the run and locking the white ones in the coop, then coming home at lunchtime and swapping them over. Yesterday when I came home Buffy, the other brown hen, had laid her first egg. Just as well, because with all the kerfuffle of having new chooks, the white one who WAS laying had stopped. Buffy’s egg is slightly brown. Today, when I come home for lunch, I’m going to have a poached egg (or maybe 2 if I’m lucky) on a bed of wilted spinach leaves from my garden.

I’m having fencing guys coming over in the next few days to give quotes for fences around the veggie garden and a big high fence in the corner of the back yard for a bigger chicken run so Willow can get away from the bullies.

How high do people recommend I get the fence around my veggies? Is a normal sized picket fence height high enough?  I REALLY won’t be happy if I come out one day and they’ve decimated my crop, but at the same time I’m not keen on the backyard looking too much like a prison exercise yard either.

And are there any plants that kill chickens if they eat them? In the proposed spot for their proper run there’s a fern, a rose, an oyster plant, some potato plants, some bamboo,(the bamboo type that goes red and is non invasive… I love it), some jasmine and various other green things.) Does anyone know a website that will tell me this? I’ve tried looking but Mr Google is unhelpful. I’ll scream if I lovingly put them into this run and the next day I come home from work to find that they’ve all turned up their toes.

No craft being done, very little reading. It’s all about the chooks here at the moment.

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4 Responses to Coming home for lunch.

  1. I don’t think the worry is what plants will kill the chooks, try reversing that! If there are plants in the run that you don’t want them to decimate you could try putting chicken wire (or the smaller bird wire) on the ground around the roots of your shrubs and plants. It’s not that they will eat EVERYTHING, it’s more the constant scratching around the roots that will kill the plants. Chooks can jump up onto a normal 4ft fence no worries but they don’t like landing on something not stable. Hope this helps, I love having chooks but we have a HUGE fox problem around here and I’ve stopped providing them with midnight snacks. Chook/duck free now. Good luck.

  2. corrine says:

    Hi Frogdancer 🙂 Go and have a look over at a blog I love “down—to—earth ” Fantastic blog and she may be able to help with the chookies
    Regards Corrine

  3. NutmegNelly says:

    I second Corrine, Rhonda at http://down—to— often covers the chooks in her brilliant blog :o)

  4. river says:

    I’m no help to you with this problem. Sorry. Can you buy a book by Jackie French called Jackie French’s Chook Book? It has useful and funny information in it. I remember reading it years ago when I thought I might keep chooks, but that never happened, so the information is lost to me, deep in my subconcious. Or I could turn the house upside down and look for the notes I made and stashed somewhere….

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