The picture bears no relation to the text. I just like it.

demotivational posters

I walked to work this morning. I think it’s the fourth time in seven years. It’s quite a long stroll… about 10 minutes if you hurry, which is what I was doing.

I came out of the house in a screaming rush at 8.30 only to find that my right front tyre was totally flat.

Fortunately Tom1 was home, because it’s not a uni day. I ran back inside, threw the phone at him and said, “Ring your Grandpa and get him to come out and show you how to change a tyre.”

Then I thought, ‘What if he’s not home?’

I grabbed my wallet, flipped it open and found my RACV membership card and said, “If Grandpa’s not home, ring the RACV.”

Then I realised that my membership was due around about now. I rummaged through my wallet and found my credit card.

“If they ask if I want to renew my membership and my car insurance, give them the credit card number.”

He grinned.

I glared at him. “You are ONLY to use this card for the RACV. Nothing Else!!!! I’m teaching in 20 minutes so I have to go.” And I raced out the door.

That card has a six thousand dollar limit on it. I hope it isn’t maxed out by the time I walk home at lunchtime to rotate the chickens….

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7 Responses to The picture bears no relation to the text. I just like it.

  1. andi says:

    Sometimes I sit at home by myself, read your posts and giggle out loud.
    Today included!!

  2. Mad Woman says:

    You can throw your credit card at me any time! 🙂

    Is it fixed now?

  3. river says:

    You handed a teenager a credit card?? Wow.

  4. Scott says:

    Ah – a mother’s trust as it should be: solely a product of desperation.

  5. Lea says:

    oh no! don’t waste all that money on the RACV – $300 a year or whatev’, and you’ve used them what.. once .. in 10yrs .. for an $80 job?

    I know a mob in the East that run the same service, but you call & pay as required – my mum uses them, and we will too next time, as we dropped RACV with funds-tightening.

    email me if you’re interested !

  6. Lea says:

    P.S. – liar, liar – I though you’d told me you’d NEVER walked to school before – tsk tsk :p

  7. Lea says:

    P.P.S. – as a Psych major, I think Psychology is VERY interesting .. however.. most of the ppl that study it are WACKED and suffer major issues and should not be allowed near any patients at all.

    Which is exactly why I am not a Psychologist 😉

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