New freedoms.


One of the young lives in the photo above got his Learner’s Permit today! I’m guessing that the Jesus strap will be getting a workout tonight when we drive to the factory area behind Bunnings to have his first driving lesson.

Anyway, here are the baby chicks out on the grass for the first time in their lives.


I like the quizzical ‘head to one side’ look that the white chick on the end is throwing me.


At first they banded together a bit nervously, huddling close to David2’s lap, then gradually the lure of the grass took over and they started enjoying themselves.


Then they started fluttering around, while the bigger hens looked out from the back window of their coop. All of the mammals (apart from David2 and I ) were locked inside. The chicks stayed out for 10 minutes or so until they seemed to be getting a little bit cold, so they were bundled back into David2’s pocket and taken back inside. The freedom must have gone to their heads. Later that night, the black one fluttered out of the box that was their living quarters on the top of David2’s desk. Luckily, David2 was in the room at the time, because given the mess that’s in there, if the chick had’ve ended up in the floordrobe we would never have found it.

Now they live UNDER the desk, in a dog crate left over from my dog breeding days, pre children.


Nice how these things come in handy!

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7 Responses to New freedoms.

  1. river says:

    Learner’s Permit!! Uh-oh! and woo-hoo too.
    Have you managed to let go of the jesus strap yet?
    Love the little chickies on the grass. The world must seem huge to them after living in a box.

  2. Mad Woman says:

    I love the little chicks. So cute! I would love to have some but hubby keeps telling me chickens are smelly. Humph.

  3. Katy says:

    FLOORDROBE – so THAT’S what it’s called!!! LOL

    Driver’s ed has been a mite scary but she hasn’t wrecked anything. (yet)

    Husband is mad for chickens but I’m holding him back until the goats settle in. All these extra creatures to care for is a bit intimidating at first.

    Love your chooks!

  4. Scott says:

    They’re very cute. We hatched chicks at school once and I took one home. Turned out to be a rooster. They don’t just crow at dawn.

  5. Such sweet wee chickies – on a lushious looking lawn (in drought land – welldone for sensible water conservations and recycling, dear FD).

    Always safe with imprint human and his Mum watching over them.

    How are the cats coping with the chooks and chickies? My darling Zebbycat/rescue cat would need rescueing from the chooks, and probably from the wee chickies too (my dear boy is easily spooked). Am sure your dear felines will hold ground. Not so sure about the cavalier doglets.

    Happy times, I hope, with the animules, poultry, and sons too,

    Michelle xxx and Zebbycat purrrrrumbles

  6. Oh, so soft and fuzzy! Adorable.

  7. Wendy says:

    Gosh, they’re cute…mine are at that gawky teenage stage these days. Not nearly as much fun to cuddle…

    We also repurposed a dog crate…just put some plastic around the base or you’ll be sweeping bedding off the floor thirty-odd times a day…

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