Honestly, I don’t know where the kids get it from. This passionate devotion to certain things that seem to sweep in and overtake everything else in importance.

(There’s chicken talk further down the page….)

Ryan3 and Evan4, with lesser involvement from David2, have discovered a game called ‘Plants vs Zombies.’ I can’t get them away from the computer. Evan4 is over at his Dad’s place this weekend while Ryan3 elected to stay with David2 and I, supposedly to study for his upcoming year 9 exams. Instead, I think it was so they could both play on this game at the same time and call each other up.

I was idly watching it last night. Ryan3 had set to play automatically while we watched ‘The Pink Panther’ together. (The things I do for love…)

“Why bother doing it if you’re not there?” I asked. “You’re burning power for no good reason.”

No Good Reason?!?” Ryan3 gasped. He looked at me as if I’d run mad. “I need to keep the snail going among the plants to harvest the money they grow. I’m keeping an eye on it because when the snail runs out of chocolate it sleeps and then the money is wasted. I need $20,000 for the corn cannon to put the corn kernels in to throw corn bombs at the zombies. Once I have that I can start saving $2,500 for the Tree of Wisdom.” He shook his head sadly and raised an eyebrow at me. “No good reason Mum? Come on….”

Obviously I don’t know WHAT I was thinking…


Look at how David2’s chickies have grown:


See? Pin feathers!

They were funny, running all over the place, fluttering their wings and trying to launch themselves into the air.


Whenever one picked up a bit of dried grass or something, it’d race off and the others would chase it in hot pursuit.

My girls watched from the hen run:


We’re getting 2 eggs a day now, one brown and one white. Evan4 races down to the coop every day when he gets home from school. He likes to fry them up with some tuna for an after school snack. What can I say? That boy is visibly growing taller as you look at him. Buffy and Martha are doing their bit to make sure he’s big and strong. In other chook news, Willow’s leg is slowly getting better.

I had a quote from Jim’s Fencing for the new fence around the veggie garden and a tall fence to put behind the garage for a bigger chook run for the big hens. It was 2.5K. After my heart attack stopped I decided to keep looking. That would make for some DAMNED expensive eggs!!


Still no crafting being done, though this morning as I drowsily listened to David2 swear at his chicks for waking him up at 6 in the morning I caught myself thinking about a scarf I started at craft camp…

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10 Responses to Obsessive.

  1. Mad Woman says:

    I checked out the game…doesn’t appeal to me or hubby, thankfully. I could see either of us devoting far too much time to it.

    Those chicks are so cute!

  2. andi says:

    So this one time at craft camp …..

  3. nicole says:

    To me it seems like half the blogs I read have suddenly switched to being about chickens. And I find myself really wanting my own chickens now. Sadly we don’t have a garden and I think my brother and parents would suffer an aneurysm, or something very much like it, if I kept them on their patch of grass 😉

  4. Pixie says:

    ROFL!!!!!!too funny about the game!!!
    mmmmmmmm chickens………they are cute but I think I got more than my fair share when i was a child when my nan had bantams,chooks,
    roosters and pidgeons.

  5. river says:

    Eggs fried up with tuna?? Ummm, must be a boy thing, doesn’t appeal to me at all.
    The chickies look so cute with their new feathers.
    Buy some cheap trellis from your local hardware store and have the boys fix it to the top of your existing fence?

  6. Kate says:

    I am so jealous of your chickens.

    One of my friends has two teenage boys. He says he now just cooks a kilo of pasta for dinner, and then they have the leftovers for after school snacks – his youngest likes to stir two eggs through and nuke it.

    I can’t think of anything much grosser (lies, I can think of plenty of things) but whatever works, I guess! I guess growing boys need their protein!

  7. Urspo says:

    chickens sound rather jolly to have
    video games – forget it.

  8. libby says:

    my eldest daughter was playing that very game about 3 weeks ago… was hooked…. and she isnt the major computor freak. she then got it on her nerd stick from a friend at school and played it even more…… quite amusing to watch, cant be bothered playing it though… love the michael jackson zombies.
    love the chicken photos! wish we could have some 😦

  9. mary says:

    I can’t believe I’m writing this but I might have to tell my boys about that game – for the sake of its name alon!

  10. Marita says:

    Chicks are so cute.

    I’ve gotten sadly obsessive over Farmville on Facebook so I have great sympathy for your boys.

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