MORE Big News!

Ryan3 is also going to America with the Senior Stage Band.

After David2 got the nod, Ian (the teacher organising it) kept saying in passing, “There’s room for Ryan3 as well, if you want …”

On Thursday night I picked up David2 from his jazz piano lesson with Sean, who is an ex student. He was rapt to hear that David2 was going, saying that he went to China with the school band twice, and that although the performances were great, and seeing a new country was awesome, it was the workshops with really prominent musicians that were the highlight. He raved on about what a difference it makes to see and hear these guys… and the more he talked the more I started thinking about how much Ryan3 would love it.

 He was disappointed not to be chosen with David2 but I didn’t hear him utter a word of complaint. He was just happy for his brother. He is a quiet, solid guy who doesn’t make big dramas and just gets on with what he wants to do. Everyone likes Ryan3…. and so consequently, being so quiet and easy-going, he’s easy to overlook.

And really, in the big scheme of things, what does it matter how much this will all cost? They’ll never get this chance again and it’ll be something the two of them will be able to talk about for the rest of their lives. So yesterday I found Ian and casually asked if that spot for Ryan3 was still open.

Later that night we were in the car heading to the chiropractor when Ryan’s phone rang. He’d texted his Dad to call him when he could. He told Tony the news, said that David2 was also going, then said, “I don’t want to seem money-hungry or anything, but this is going to cost a LOT and I was hoping that you’d be able to pay half. For me, I mean,” (because no one expects Tony to want to pay for David2 – the child who doesn’t want to see him.) Tony said he’d be happy to help and asked to see the paperwork on Friday when he picks them all up. So who knows? I might get some financial help with all of this after all… Along with Evan4’s braces and Ryan3’s Great Vic bike ride at the end of the year. Tony’s going to be getting an abrupt initiation into the expensive realm of raising teenagers…

So I’m really happy about this. It’s the right decision and I know he’ll get huge benefits from it. Yesterday I told him the news by photocopying the itinerary and popping into his Maths class just before the bell where I handed it to him. The look on his face as he glanced at it, registered what it was and then lifted his eyes up to mine was priceless. After recess I had my year 9 class. One of them came in and said, “Ryan3 gave me a message for you. ‘Thanks for giving me the form.’ I don’t know what that means.”

But I did.

The nicest thing though, was when I was walking to class just before lunchtime and David2 was waiting outside a classroom. I walked up and said, “Ryan3’s in. He’s going to America with you.”

David2’s reaction? He punched the air and said, “YES!!!!”

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18 Responses to MORE Big News!

  1. Natalie says:

    What a great turn of events.
    Where in America?

  2. Andi says:

    You’ve done a great job raising those boys!!!

  3. Stomper Girl says:

    That is fantastic news, and so mature of him to call his Dad and ask for funds. If his Dad was big-hearted he’d offer to pay half for the big kid too, regardless of the state of visitation affairs.

  4. librarygirl says:

    So pleased for your boys.
    I can’t believe how much ours grew up through the process of travelling OS with us at Christmas.
    Travel and teenagers – love it – fabulous experience seeing how the rest of the world lives.

  5. Urspo says:

    I too want to know ‘what parts’ it is a vast place and different despite the ever present Starbucks.

  6. Pixie says:

    fabulous news!!!

  7. river says:

    “…the expensive realm of raising teenagers.”

    Ha Ha. Wait until Tony’s daughter is a teen. the clothes. The shoes. The hair. The makeup. $$$$$.

    I’m really very glad he’s going to help you with this cost, it’s just such a fantastic opportunity for both boys.

  8. fairlie says:

    This will be such a great experience for both of them!

  9. persiflage says:

    That is wonderful. Well done to you and to the boys.

  10. mary says:

    Big happy smile on my face !! So happy for Ryan and his maturity and so happy for David and HIS maturity.

    You ARE doing a glorious job at raising those men boys of yours..

  11. saffronlie says:

    Wonderful news! You are such a caring mother to understand what is truly important and help your kids make the most of these opportunities. They’ll never forget the experience.

  12. Ellen says:

    What lucky and lovely boys you have. It is heartwarming to hear of David2 being so overjoyed that his younger brother will be joining him in America. As you say, what does the cost matter in comparison the memories the boys will have to share. You are a great Mum!

  13. kris says:

    What a fantastic reaction! I live in a house full of teenagers and David2’s reaction gave me heart. Good luck with raising the cash.

  14. kelly says:

    how cool is that! They will talk about this trip for the rest of their lives.

  15. CitricSugar says:

    That is just plain awesome!

  16. Marylee says:

    Don’t you love ’em when they’re happy for each other!!!

    Wonderful story, terrific ending.

    Icing on the cake will be if T comes through with $.

  17. Katy says:

    AWESOME!!! Are they coming to Seattle? We can show them around the waterfront and give them a home-cooked meal! Very cool that things are working out and you will get some $$$ help too.

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