Updates post.

P6290145 by you.
We’re out of cocoa. So I turned the cake green instead of chocolate. (That was the cooking update.)
Chicken update.

P6280138 by you.
They’re getting bigger…
P6280136 by you.

You can see by the outline of the white one (I call her Fifi LaRue) that they’re getting more adult looking every week. I had to break the news to David2 that the fences won’t be up till the beginning of August, so they’ll be living in his room for another month. The novelty has well and truly worn off, though at least they don’t need the light on at night any more so all of the life forms in that room are all getting some sleep.
“Can’t they go in with the others?” he asked wistfully.
When he heard that my chooks would probably kill them, so sighed, packed them up and brought them back inside to the new section of the room that he’d laid out for them because their cage is getting far too small. He went in later and they were all sitting merrily on top of the barrier he’d constructed. Ahhh, they grow so fast!
Tony and the $$$$ update.
1. Remember how Ryan3 asked Tony if he’d kick into the amount of money needed to send he and David2 off to America next year with the Senior Stage Band? The cost per child is 4K, with additional funds for other things: anywhere from $500 – 1K for spending money, plus extra money for taxes, instrument hire, passport renewals etc. So we’re looking at a total of between 10K – 11K, I’d reckon.
When the boys came back from their father’s on Sunday, Ryan3 told me that Tony and Viv had agreed to pay 3K towards it. (It’s not half, but it’s a lot more than I was afraid they’d pay, so I’m happy.)
I was talking with Viv on the phone a couple of nights ago, setting up a visit so that David2 can see his little sister (he hasn’t seen her since September when he stopped seeing his dad) and I thanked her for them putting in the 3K for Ryan3. “That’s ok,” she said. “We wanted to contribute something that wouldn’t put us back too far financially.”
I laughed so much (on the inside). I think she must have forgotten who she was talking to.
2. Before we all go recklessly thinking that Tony has changed his spots, yesterday I got a letter from the Child Support Agency, with an estimate for next year’s child support. (Keep in mind that Tony doesn’t have to pay for Tom1, even though Tom1 is a full-time student. He’s over 18.) So he’s contributing to 3 teenage boys of 16, 15 and 13.
A grand total of $136 a month. He’s said that his income is 46K a year.
I’m sorry, but if that was the case Viv wouldn’t have been able to take another year off work to be with Caitlin. The 3K is guilt money…. so I’ll accept it with bells on.
3. In less than an hour we go to the orthodontist to find out how much Evan4’s braces will be. A couple of months ago I told Tony that this was coming up and he made some wishy-washy statement about being “happy to help out if [he] could afford it.” I informed him that afford it or not, he’d be paying half, because that’s just what happens with braces. (We have been through this argument before… I ended up paying for Tom1’s braces (and his root canal) and Tony paid for Ryan3’s braces.)
The complicating factor here is that Evan4’s teeth are a lot more higgledy-piggledy than the other boys’. His teeth are undershot, and the ortho said to me during the initial appointment that we’ll try our best with the braces but he may need jaw surgery. I’ve spawned a freak.
Aren’t children an agreeable luxury?
Rug update.
Only 2 sides done. It really hurts my thumb to do this, so I’m taking it slow.
Mum has rheumatoid arthritis, so it’s a bit of a concern that my right thumb aches whenever I do craft things. I told the cosmos that I didn’t want to inherit that gene, so I’ll be livid if the cosmos didn’t listen.
Holiday update.
3 days gone so far.
Went to the dental hygienist yesterday. I love living in this country! I had vouchers sent for each boy to get dental cleaning and checking up to the value of $153 each FREE. It took nearly 4 hours to get us all done, but it only cost me a few dollars for me. The boys were totally free. (None of us have any cavities. Quite proud of the fact that I’m nearly 47 and still have no fillings.)
No crafting done. All cleaning and ferrying boys around everywhere, which doesn’t give me that “productive” feeling.
We’re going to see my sister in Mt Martha tomorrow, so David2 can get another couple of hours of driving time on his ‘L” plates.
On Friday he’s having a bucketful of friends come over to watch Horror and comedy movies, so I won’t be able to sew with them in the room. (The horror movies will come first, then the comedies to stop any nightmares, apparently.)
Maybe there’ll be ME time on the weekend….
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8 Responses to Updates post.

  1. river says:

    47 and no fillings? Well done!
    I have more fillings than I have teeth…

    The cosmos is notorious for not listening.

  2. andi says:

    Since when does a father get to chip in for his kids “if he can afford it”?
    What a *^&*!!!

  3. trash says:

    Is it too late to suggest that perhaps Tony is a complete arse?

  4. Rita says:

    You have the neatest life! I love your dogs. I mean come on how could dogs be better than the ones you have. And not only dogs but now chickens that are fabulous! I don’t know how you do with all you do….teaching too!! Oh My. I teach so I know the hours put in each day. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us.

  5. Pixie says:

    tony IS a complete arse.

  6. katrina says:

    Will just chime in with the arse word!!!!!!
    Am thinking several other words but none of them are printable.
    Love reading about the chickens, still thinking about it, but you have inspired me to take up knitting again though, scarf is well underway, am enjoying the choice of colours.

  7. kris says:

    Why don’t fathers just want to do everything they possibly can for their kids? Why would any father want to “cheat” his own flesh and blood? I don’t get it. How come animals are more concerned with the success of their genes than men? Men are stupid. They think they are invincible. Even animals see their own mortality and act accordingly. Wake up Tony! Your boys are your future, your opportunity to influence the world long after you leave.

    46 and no fillings? Well done. I’m 46 with plenty of fillings!

  8. M says:

    No fillings! I think I had a full mouth of fillings by age 12. Comes of living in the country methinks. Or too many lollies. Or both.

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