Men doing manly things.

Maybe today we can stay home and I can get some sewing done?

The holidays are half over and I’ve done NOTHING except run around after children.p5240153

This one had two friends stay over last night and they pulled an all-nighter…. every now and then I’d hear a bit of noise from the bedroom at the other end of the house, probably when one or other of them murdered someone in COD. (I asked Ryan3 to describe COD (Call of Duty6). He said that it was the best shooter game ever, very addictive and that he’s the best out of all of those guys. All I know is that it’s a game where when you shoot someone (you’re fighting as a special ops person) then blood spatters the screen and you look through it as you continue to stalk your enemy. It’s gross, but boys just love it.)

I got up at 7 and they were still going, though it’s now almost 9 and they haven’t come out asking for pancakes yet. Maybe they’re asleep?


Or maybe not. Thirteen year olds can run on very little sleep for quite a while before they crash.


No, they’re still awake. Just when I was uploading this photo I heard a controller hit the floorboards.


He’s having a lovely time.

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4 Responses to Men doing manly things.

  1. Pixie says:

    what a great mumma you are!!!!

  2. Rhu says:

    Hoping you get some relaxation in these holidays. You deserve it. x

  3. river says:

    It’s fun watching boys do manly things. Often you get a glimpse of the man they’re going to become.

  4. libby says:

    my froglet has had a few friends over these school holidays, but no all nighters…. the noisy one does those 🙂
    need to get out abit next week, the cold weather invites you to stay indoors all snuggled up.

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