More “Look Both Ways” bloopers.

* “Death is a natural occurrance in one’s life and until we find a way to reincarnate the dead, it always will be.”

* “Death is universal and we will all die one day sooner or later.”

* “Meryl is the first to see the slow moving freight train devour Rob as he crosses the tracks.”

* “… everybody was looking at him with no face.” (I think this ESL kid meant “with no expression.”)

* “Andy has a highly pessimistical life.”

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3 Responses to More “Look Both Ways” bloopers.

  1. river says:

    “We’re all gonna die someday, Lord, we’re all gonna die some day”
    song by Kasey Chambers.

  2. nicole says:

    Yeah I know the feeling of that last one, I’m having a highly pessimistical day 😉 6 more hours until the little child goes to bed for the night. I hope.

    I love your blooper posts!

  3. Urspo says:

    such wisdom. I will try to tell as many people as I can in town.

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