Knitting vs crochet

Found this on Thornberry‘s blog.

Knitting vs crochet. It runs for about 9 minutes but it’s good.

Personally, I’m a knitter. I think that crochet is an urban myth…. Clearly one single hook can’t weave yarn together into a single garment. It’s an affront to the laws of physics. I think people just pretend to ‘crochet’ in public… they wave a hook around near some yarn, then they sneak home and knit it up in the dead of night.

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8 Responses to Knitting vs crochet

  1. kris says:

    Other way around. At my house anyway. One needle/hook does the job. Two you’re trying too hard to convince us of it’s efficacy. It’s over the top. Obviously a lie.

    Knitting takes so long (compared to crochet) to make a piece of fabric. That’s cause you’re spending most of your time pretending/justifying the second needle.

  2. fairlie says:

    Gosh…don’t start me about crochet. M and I have had to agree to disagree about crochet.

    Knitting. Definitely.

  3. Jayne says:

    Definitely crochet.
    Knitting is the L plates of needle craft til you graduate into the single crochet hook 😛

  4. Alexis says:

    You are so funny!

    I’m trying to knit, but find crochet much easier because I don’t have to wrangle two needles at once!

  5. Melanie says:

    Haha. Love it 🙂

    I am a very uncoordinated crafter, therefore I needed to start with one hook – it took me quite some time before I could handle the balance and complexity of *two* needles!

  6. Urspo says:

    alas i don’t know the difference.

  7. river says:

    My mum was a great one for crochet, she even tried to get me doing it. I have to confess I didn’t try very hard and so of course now I can’t do it.
    I much preferred reading to craft, although I did eventually work out knitting enough to manage baby things for my babies.
    Crochet does make clothes Froggie, it’s especially good for ponchos and berets, but my mum did cardigans and jumpers too. And bedsocks. Shawls. Purses. Coathanger covers. Pram blankets. Even doilies, with the fine crochet cotton. Let’s not mention all the crocheted toys.

  8. persiflage says:

    As a failed knitter, I have to opt for crochet, but must admit that knitting can produce more attractive designs for clothing. Crochet is better for shawls and blankets. Designers need to come up with more patterns for crocheted clothes.
    You should see the wonderful fine cotton tablecloth my grandmother crocheted for me as a wedding present. It is an heirloom.

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