Apple Cakes and DPNs.

Phew! Life’s been busy. Lots of baking for David2 and I’ve been knitting a series of beanies. There’s been a few dramas and a few really nice things.

Monday was my birthday. I celebrated by attending Parent/Teacher night and talking about my students. It was exactly the way I would have chosen to spend the anniversary of my birth. Or not.

Actually, it wasn’t too bad. I always bring lollies to school on my birthday and the kids sing ‘Happy Birthday’. The year 9s I had period one abviously hadn’t woken up properly. Their singing was at a very slow steady pace… think funeral dirge and you’d be about right. All throughout the day I had kids wishing me a happy birthday as they passed me in the halls, which was really nice. Then, during parent/teacher night, most of the parents did the same thing. It’s lovely working at the place I do.

The next day I had the day off due to family illness, then when I came back the next day I was greeted by a lovely boy in my year 9 English skills class who gave me a lemon for my birthday. He’d picked it from the tree in his backyard. I’m choosing to believe that he gave it with love; not that he gave it because I’m a bitter, sour old crone. Tonight I’ll make a lemon self saucing pudding with it.

Sometiumes we whinge about going to work and we hang out for the holidays. Sometimes the kids in class drive us demented because they won’t shut up or they give us attitude. Sometimes the correction piles up and we’re just not in the zone and it’s annoying. Sometimes we feel like the expectations for what teachers are expected to do for the kids and provide for the kids just keeps growing and growing and we feel burnt out and cranky. (It’s only 6 more working days till the September holiday! Whoopee!)

But really, when it all comes down to it I’m lucky to be here. The kids in this school are lovely. They’re genuinely lovely people who are an absolute pleasure to be around. I can honestly say that there’s not a single kid I teach this year who gives me the irrits. (That’s not to say I haven’t thrown out one of my year 12 students a couple of times for being an almighty pain in the arse; but I still really like him as a person.)

I’m really happy that my kids and I are part of this school. (Though when it’s just before the year 12 exams and they’re driving me crazy with essys and anxieties, ask me again!)

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15 Responses to Apple Cakes and DPNs.

  1. Stomper Girl says:

    That’s lovely. I think being surrounded by good people is a very good way to live life.

  2. Jayne says:

    Lemons make great pressies….or so they tried telling those in the village stocks who got plenty of them 😛

  3. river says:

    Lemon self-saucing pudding? oh yum!
    And Happy Birthday.

  4. Mary says:

    I’ve always felt that your love for what you do infuses your writing,even in the crappy times..

  5. persiflage says:

    Hippie birdie 2 ewes. Glad you had a good day, as you are such a good egg.

  6. Kiwi Lindsay says:

    Happy birthday! There’s nothing better than having YOUR special day acknowledged by others.

  7. Ellen says:

    Happy Birthday. I think the gift of the lemon was such a thoughtful gesture – he sounds like a really good kid.

  8. Jenb says:

    What a great, positive blog today. It makes me look at work with new eyes. Thanks. And Happy Birthday!

  9. kris says:

    I think teachers are heroes. And you’re right. More and more is expected of them. Glad there are people like you who teach. Oh. And happy birthday! If I had a lemon I would give you one.

  10. Urspo says:

    Many Happy Returns! May the next year be your best.

  11. Marita says:

    Belated happy birthday. Congrats on working in such a great enviroment.

  12. LynneFtWorth says:

    Happy Birthday late! I sounds like you have lovely students and really enjoy your teaching. If only more teachers here in the USA would have your outlook.

  13. isabelle says:

    Happy Birthday, dear Froggie.

    Our students are nice too. But teaching’s an awful effort…

  14. Scott says:

    Got it! I’m so smart…
    Happy Birthday – and hugs.

  15. Better than an apple for the teacher.

    Apples give me stomach aches, I LOVE lemon anything.

    And Happy Birthday my lovely.

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