How does a year 12 teacher at this time of the year spend an enforced 2.5 hours sitting in a chair while chemicals are slashered all over her hair?

She marks year 12 essays. The ESLs are doing Bolt’s ‘A Man For All Seasons’ while the English kids are doing Shakespeare’s ‘Richard III’. This is only the first round of essays. Sadly, there’ll probably be more bloopers to come.

A Man For All Seasons.

*The play is set in 1960.

*The audience interprets different concepts of humans through three characters: Thomas More, Common Man, Rich and Cromwell.

*…. at the end he is executed by being high treason.

*… the goblet offered to More is a brible.

Richard III

*There are those who are trussworthy….

*The people in this society are about as trustworthy as a room full of thieves.

*But, we see that, like Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard, if it’s turning to shit then you gotta get outta there.  (Referring to Richard and Buckingham.)

*This play shows how a true bottom feeder of royalty can slither up the ladder.

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7 Responses to Bloopers.

  1. Jayne says:

    Bottom feeder of royalty can slither up the ladder?
    Ahhh, that would be where Camilla comes in …

  2. Andi says:

    I think I’m trussworthy!

  3. persiflage says:

    At least the concept of slithering up the ladder gets the imagination working. Kid’s been reading too much about Slytherin.

  4. river says:


    I know a few “trussworthy” people.

  5. Jan says:

    Those on Richard III are very amusing. “Trussworthy” made me giggle. Perhaps the student was just imitating the creative spelling of Shakespeare’s time?

  6. Widget says:

    Gotta give points for comparison of Richard III to Australian politics…..

  7. trash says:

    Isn’t being ‘trussworthy’ a medical diagnosis?

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