Their Big Day Out.

Before I start, I found another blooper yesterday. This time it’s not a year 12 one; it’s a kid from year 9. She was writing a feature article about dyslexia.

“Famous people who have been born with Dyslexia and still suffer from it today are Walt Disney, Thomas Edison and Leonardo da Vinci.”

The one I feel sorriest for is poor old Leonardo. 5 centuries is a long time to have to put up with something.


We took the baby chicks out for their first run on the weekend.


I know it’s not the best photo but I couldn’t resist Pudgy’s face.

You can see in the background that Hazel, the Gold Laced Wyandotte, is starting to show the speckled markings on her wings.


Here’s a tennis ball for a size comparison.


Pudgy’s wings are also starting to show her design. Her white speckles will be in rows, unlike Hazel’s.


Here they are just frolicking. Hazel and Pudgy have pale yellow fluffy undergarments. Very tasteful. Dendai is just white.

The chickies are growing like mad. Evan4 is looking after them beautifully. However, one person is really keen to see them grow up and move outside.


Ryan3 is getting pretty tired of sleeping on the couch cushions in the lounge room. He’s gained a whole new appreciation for his own bed.

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6 Responses to Their Big Day Out.

  1. trash says:

    You’re right. And just imagine how tricksy Leonardo’s life would have become as the world became more and more written-word oriented>

  2. Jayne says:

    Awww, they’re so cute and fluffy and sweet and awwwww.
    Wasn’t surprised to read a recent scientific ‘discovery’ that chickens were quite intelligent and had different personalities.
    Der, Fred, we could have told ’em that for free!

  3. river says:

    They’re so cute and have such sturdy legs. You’ll soon find out whether speckled hens really do lay speckled eggs. I’ve always been curious about that.

  4. shula says:

    One day I will have Wyandottes

  5. Widget says:

    I have a futon mattress if you want to borrow it for the time being…..

  6. Urspo says:

    These kiddie reports would drive me to drink.

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