Guess who’s been marking essays?

Richard III

* Richard is addicted to murdering people.

* Richard plans to destroy the royal airs to the throne.

* Looks like Hastings was having a bad head day. (He gets beheaded in the play.)

* You could say that without a man like Richard there would not have been a man like Richmond who would end up ending the War of the Roses and creating the tudor monarch that would lead to the writing of Shakespeare’s plays and then to the colonising of this great country of ours where we are fully able to appreciate the blood that was spilled so we could be here today studying such a poetic and artistic form of writing which is for some of us may be our personal history.  🙂

* The wooeing scene with Lady Anne demonstrates Richard’s disturbing side with the gabble towards her.

* The dream was about a bore beheading Hastings.

*In a time when brothers deceived, imprisoned and murded each other and family trees resembled more of a ferris wheel than a pedigree, is it any wonder that no one could be trusted? I wouldn’t evn trust the vallet.

* Richard III is portayed as a megalomainiac.

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6 Responses to Guess who’s been marking essays?

  1. Stomper Girl says:

    Those poor little airs to the throne.

  2. trash says:

    Is a megalomainiac someone who is the primary psycho?

  3. moonspun says:

    awesome, love the ferris wheel reference!

  4. maybaby says:

    Ok, the next time my grammar classes act up, I’m going to make them diagram the huge-ass run on sentence. LOL!

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