Bits and bobs.


Mum and Dad gave David2 and Evan4 sunglasses from Bali for their birthday presents. David2 came out of his room last night and said, “Hey Mum! How ‘rock star’ do I look?”

Personally, I think it’s frightening that anyone as youthful and dewy as me can have a child who looks like this.


I was doing a spot of marking…. not very much…. and I came across these two gems from the year 9 grammar test.

They had to define the difference between a friend and a companion. The companion part was done well, but then two kids wrote these:

* A friend is Ms Frogdancer. 🙂

*A friend is some random that you add on Facebook.


I’ve been spending most of my days knitting. Suse put me onto a little all in one cardi and I knitted it nearly up to the second arm. Took quite a while, because I was knitting two other things (as well as 3 hats) as well. I read a blog post from Stacey about how she unpicked hers twice.

“Ha!” I thought smugly. “I’LL never have to do that!” (All the while pushing down the uneasy thought that the armhole I’d already created was rather tight….)

Yep. You guessed it. I unpicked it all last week and I’ve spent a week modifying the pattern and then single-mindedly crippling my hands to get back to where I’d been before. (Got there at 3.15pm yesterday!! Yay! Now I’m back to being worried that I might not have enough wool. )


Today is Thursday in the first week of the holidays.

I’ve done NOTHING….

Why do I do nothing every.single.time?

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11 Responses to Bits and bobs.

  1. jodie says:

    That whole knitting gig is sounding rather stressful…

  2. Joh says:

    Because nothing is good :-)… I do that too.

  3. Jayne says:

    Enjoy your holidays, you’ve earned it.
    Happy knitting!

  4. Maggie says:

    Because doing nothing is AWESOME. At least for a few days anyway. Our holidays start next week and I’m looking forward to a little bit of downtime for the kids (I still have to work).

  5. Stomper Girl says:

    You were a CHILD when you birthed that rockstar, obvs.

    Signed, some random you met in blogland xx

  6. river says:

    You were knitting three hats and three other items at once?? Are you an octopus? Or a squid perhaps? They have more arms…

  7. nicole says:

    You do nothing because you need your rest, now that you’re suddenly the mother of adults. Are you taking nana naps, too? (Maybe I should start running now? I mean, not that you could catch me… with me being half way across the world and you being elderly. Yeah, I should definitely start running now….)

    But honestly, my son turned 10 this week and I’m not sure how that happened. I turned 10 not so long ago, didn’t I? I was also 16 very very recently, and I remember turning twenty and feeling very old indeed, so how in the world did I manage to grow a kid for ten years without really noticing the time going by?!

    As for your gems and bloopers. My brother gave me his job application to translate last week. He’d already started translating it himself. I’m not sure it’s a good idea for him to apply for jobs in the US or anywhere else where he might be expected to speak english…. I think your ESL students are doing just fine 😉

  8. suse says:

    He looks pretty cool 🙂

    Oh dear re the knitting. Did I tell you to make the armholes bigger? I thought I did, but feel free to blame me if I didn’t include that note.

  9. shula says:

    You told me he was handsome.

    You spoke truth.

  10. Cathy says:

    I’m onto my third attempt at the French cardi, and now the weather’s getting warmer, I’m thinking I won’t go back to it until next year. I’m glad though someone else is having troubles with it, my first attempt was too wide and too short. I followed Suse’s tip and have now cast on 100 stitches – we’ll see how that goes.

  11. kris says:

    I think nothing is what you must need to do in the holidays. It makes the terms possible.

    I loved the friend/facebook thing. It explains a lot about my kids’ facebook habits and why they look at me strangely when I tell them not to add people they don’t know.

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