Things I’m thinking about.

* I finished the little green cardi a couple of days ago. Very pleased with it. Pictures to follow one day. I still have to sew the ends in.

* To celebrate, I knitted a baby hat. Still have to sew the ends in on that one, too.

* I wish I was motivated to celebrate by doing correction. The only essays I’ve touched have been the ones the year 12 girl 5 doors up keeps leaving in the letter box. (6 so far. Luckily she’s an excellent student… expecting her to get over 40 at the end of the year.)

* 118 essays will be landing on my desk in 3 days from the year 12 practice exams. The sand my head is buried in is dark, warm and comfy.

*Ryan3 rode his bike to his Dad’s place and back yesterday as training for the Great Vic. 2 hours each way. He was tired but filled with a quiet sense of accomplishment at the end of the day as we snuggled under the Kitcheny quilt on the couch watching ‘The Incredible Hulk.’

* I don’t care which version of this movie you watch…. it’s time you’ll never get back again and you’ll be filled with a mixture of regret and wistfulness that you didn’t do something more entertaining like…. I don’t know…. the ironing. Or correction.

* Received my superannuation statement last week. I have realised anew that an indigent old age is looming. Have spent my knitting time listening to Dave Ramsey podcasts, reading finance books and rearranging my finances. Spent the first half of the Grand Final writing out a budget. Feel empowered. Also hopped onto a super calculater and am now armed with the fact that if I want to retire with a million in super I need to be adding about 150K a year to my account.

* I don’t earn that much.

* Thinking of buying shares in a cat food company because that’s what I’ll be eating when I’m 80.

* At least I’ll have chickens and a veggie garden. A hard boiled egg and some steamed silver beet with my Snappy Tom sounds just lovely. Nothing wrong with a high protein diet for the elderly!

* Have since hopped onto another website that says I should be ok with the amount I’m putting away. Am now confused. I reach for the knitting…. there’s certainty in knitting.

* I have a week’s worth of holidays to go. I pretty much slept, knitted and podcasted for the first week, so I cleverly wrote out a list of tasks that I need to cross off by the end of the week. At present the list keeps getting longer as I think of more things to get done. I have another bucket of sand ready for this list. (So dark, warm and comfy….)

* Aside from the correction/poverty-stricken or perhaps comfortable old age/stretching list of ‘to-dos’….. I’m really enjoying these holidays. Particularly these quiet mornings when the kids are all asleep and I’m pottering around. All I can hear at the moment is the cooing of doves and the snoring of cavaliers. It’s just lovely.

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6 Responses to Things I’m thinking about.

  1. trash says:

    That old age/penury thing is a bit scary isn’t it?

  2. kris says:

    I love that bucket of sand!

  3. Jayne says:

    I haz a new Silkie that is adding a gently brook-brook-ing noise to the Spring clamour here 😉

  4. Ellen says:

    I love lists – they are the only thing to bring a sense of calm to my mind when it is whirling around like ‘the scary washing machine’. Pensions are a nightmare! Here in England they keep increasing the age of retirement, so the likelihood of ever actually receiving a pension is a distant speck on the horizon.

  5. M says:

    My dear Froggie you will simply have to publish a book like that other, less famous than you, english teacher Mr Marsden, have it made into a movie and Voila! a retirement fund emerges.

    That is if you don’t spend it all whooping it up on the book tour.

  6. river says:

    With the way prices are rising, you may need that million to retire on…..

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