First two blocks for the quilting bee.


A couple of months ago I signed up for my first quilting bee. It’s with the Melbourne branch of the Modern Quilting Guild. Basically, for those of you not in the know, a quilting bee is when around 12 people get together and agree to make a block a month for one of the members. Each member has a different month. You send out enough fabric to each person, they diligently make the block and send it back, and at the end of your month you have enough blocks to make a quilt!

I thought this sounded like a good opportunity to make blocks I otherwise wouldn’t try, so it would be a good skillz builder. Plus, it’d get me sewing more regularly.

The brief for this top one was to have a pop of colour in a middle block, then borders of cream, charcoal and cream. It was encouraged to make them slightly wonky and to add a dash of cream to the charcoal border. I think this quilt will look lovely once it’s all put together.


This one was requested to be made with a centre square of any mix of squares, rectangles or triangles, with a small piece of blown in it as well. A small piece of brown also had to be  in the outside border, with an inner border of the brown.

I fussy-cut the large flower print and then built the rest of the block around it.

One thing I’ve already learned is that is very nerve wracking making blocks for someone else!

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3 Responses to First two blocks for the quilting bee.

  1. di says:

    Well, I think they look fantastic! Great work.

  2. kelly says:

    very nice! what a clever way to structure a bee! we just get together, gab, and sew. Occasionally we’ll plan a project–usually for a charity quilt.
    Have a great day.

  3. kris says:

    I love them both!

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