Richard III

* Richard intoxifies Buckingham into his right hand man…

* “Richard III”, a defictionalised tragedy…

* Richard sets an unsightly scene for the play…

* Richard intoxifies the town with evil gossip… (this was a different kid than the first intoxified one. Clearly, I’m teaching them badly.)

* They wanted to murder him right back.

* Richard becomes blood drunk…

* Actors cannot be trusted because they may seem nice at face but that is not who they truly are.

* Queen Elizabeth marries Richard… (that’s one for those of you who know the play.)

* Just like the use of imagery used by Shakespeare in the play, where Elizabeth is a “kennel” and Richard is a “hellhound” or “dog” and the princes are tortured and killed by Richard as they were in sanctuary in their mother’s womb (the kennel.)  (I don’t care how much danger my boys are ever in, the time for seeking sanctuary inside my womb is well and truly over.  **shudders**)

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5 Responses to Bloopers

  1. Pixie says:


  2. shula says:

    I have no issue with #5.

    Many is the time I have wished to murder someone right back.

  3. Great! Can’t make my mind up whether things aregetting better or worse!

  4. Ellen says:

    I am just going to cook dinner and maybe have a glass of wine – but will remain vigilant against becoming intoxified. Hope the marking will be over soon.

  5. Urspo says:

    My kingdom for a hearse.

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