Yesterday Afternoon.

Yesterday David2 and I came home from a massive veggie seedling/fruit tree buy-up at a local nursery and saw this in the backyard.
Evan4 was enjoying the Spring sunlight with his ‘daughters’. (In this and the following photos, please ignore the dog bombs on the grass.)
This is Pudgy, the Plymouth Rock. The chicks are now 4.5 weeks old and their adult plumage is well and truly on the way.
Hazel is on the left. (She’s mine, though Evan4 doesn’t know it.) She’s the Gold Laced Wyandotte, and she’s going to look stunning. She’s also very bossy.
The one I’m a little concerned about is Denday, the Lavendar Araucana. We bought her at a different place to the other two, a place that doesn’t sex their chicks. See the luxuriant tail feathers that she’s sprouting? I hopped onto a site that shows photos of this breed and the hens have long tails, which has eased my mind slightly…. but I’m sttill a bit worried. I don’t want her to be a boy. I want those blue/green eggs!
Even4 is a good Dad. Molly is outraged in this photo about just how good a Dad he’s being.
After all, that chicken was in her spot.
Bertie, on the other hand, decided that any photo opportunities should be of Cavaliers… specifically of himself.
After a while though, he gave up and had a snooze in the sun. That dog can sleep anywhere.
Pudgy loves to sunbake. She lays down and stretches out her legs and wings and just soaks up the rays. (Until Hazel jumps on her.) You can see in this photo that there’s still some unsightly bald patches to be filled in by feathers. Still, there’s been a lot of changes in 4 weeks. Our little girls are  growing up…
I have no idea where Daphne was, but Maris also wanted some attention. Molly of course, is perched in her rightful place. (I think Bertie was still asleep.)
Later that day I went outsde and saw this at the dog kennel:
Here’s a close up:
Yesterday was all about togetherness, it seems.
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7 Responses to Yesterday Afternoon.

  1. Rita says:

    My gray cat looks just like yours. Suppose their twins? 🙂 I live in Indiana. Smile….. I’ve had so many strays come through the years and I just take care of them until they decide to move on.

  2. trash says:

    A true family moment.

  3. Jayne says:

    Those wee chickens are going to look stunning when their feathers are all in.
    Fingers crossed for Denday being a gerl.

  4. Pixie says:

    I love the last pic…………………..too cute!!

  5. Urspo says:

    i enjoy your chicken photos; for some reason chickens make me smile.

  6. river says:

    Dog Bombs!

    Your chickens are lovely. Hazel is GORGEOUS!!
    I’ve never seen a gold laced Wyandotte before.
    I love the last photo, it’s like the chooken is standing guard while the dogs sleep.

  7. loodle says:

    Excellent photos frogdancer, the new chickens seem t be settling in really well!

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