Sunday morning.

Not a single person informed me in the comments that my ‘Skinflint Sunday’ post yesterday should in fact have been a ‘Skinflint Saturday’ post. (I only realised myself when I woke up at 4 in the morning.)

Speaking of which… I’m pretty sure I spoke in my sleep last night. I was having a dream about teaching a short story and a girl referred to another story in the book. I triumphantly said, “She’s read the book, people!” and then suddenly I was awake, with the room still ringing with my voice. I heard a thump next door, so I think I might have disturbed David2. There’s no way I can tell for sure, seeing as I’m single and sleep alone, but it was weird all the same. Imagine wasting a perfectly good dream in the holidays dreaming about work!


Here is the Malabrigo I’m going to make a hat for me and a cowl for my Mum for her birthday. It’s called “Hollyhock”. I’d love to cast on but I’ve saved all of the practice exams to do on the last day of the holidays.


This photo may appear to be tranquil, but look at Bertie’s tail. Look at the way he’s eyeing off Molly. See the gleam in his eye? Look at the menacing, narrow-eyed glare she’s directing at him….

For the last two days Bertie has been incredible randy. It’s pointless really… Molly was desexed years ago and he’s an experienced stud dog, so you’d think he’d know the difference. But no… he’s been driving us all mad. Yesterday I went out to feed the chooks and Molly ended up backing herself up against the chicken run fence so the Bertie would have to leave her rear end alone. Evan4 doesn’t realise it yet, but he’ll be giving both dogs a bath today, paying special attention to Molly. She must reek of a “come hither” scent. She’s getting on in years, but she’s still got it! (A bit like her owner…)


Maris is studiously ignoring the randy shenanigans that are going on in front of the couch. She’s a lady, and is above such things. (Literally, as well as metaphorically.)


I made 4 lemon cakes yesterday and iced 2 of them. Here are the seedlings waiting for David2 to finish preparing the ground in the veggie patch. Each morning I take them out to the front porch where they get watered and they enjoy the morning sun. Then at night I bring them in, to foil the snails that lurk in the agapanthus nearby.


And yesterday Daphne enjoyed the sauna box on the back steps. It’s share and share alike in this house.

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4 Responses to Sunday morning.

  1. Urspo says:

    what is it about cats and boxes? Whenever a box came in the post, the cats were ‘right in’.

  2. maybaby says:

    Erm. I noticed, but was distracted by my daughter’s interest in the pictures that accompanied the post.

    That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

  3. Ellen says:

    The wool is divine, no wonder you are itching to get started on the hat. As for ever-hopeful-Bertie – I suspect it’s a long, COLD bath for him.

  4. Marylee says:

    That box is turning out to be quite the deal. Maybe you need to buy a new washer so you can have one, too.

    I love the photos of your critters. (Oh yes, good luck on those blue/green eggs.)

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