Adventures… just like a new age hippy.

I cooked a meal with TVP a couple of nights ago.


I had very little time to cook a meal, so I made a pasta sauce with a tin of sardines in tomato sauce as the protein (it was cheap at Aldi) and then when I put it all together the sauce was a bit watery. That’s when I remembered the pack of TVP I’d bought a month or so ago. I tipped some of it in, it sucked up the liquid, I cooked it for about 10 – 15 minutes, then served it up over pasta.

The verdict? It was slightly chewy, but you couldn’t tell that it wasn’t meat. You need to cook it with other ingredients that add flavour, because it doesn’t have any of its own. Evan4 asked if it was pork mince or something. The kids all ate it, so I’m pleased. It was a cheap, quick and nutritious meal that’ll be handy on those nights when I’m pushed for time. Plus I was uplifted by a feeling of virtue… that I was saving the planet by eating plant based protein instead of  mashed up cow. (I’ll ignore the sardines…)

Then we come to the fruiting things in the garden.


The Ballerina apple that David2’s friend planted a couple of weeks ago is making little apples! Which I realise is not all that surprising in itself… it’d be more noteworthy if it started sprouting gorillas or watermelons… but it was very rewarding for Dan. When I told him his face lit up, and he raced out to see it for himself. Thus proving that apples grow on apple trees is not an urban myth. That’s very important for suburban kids to know.


Sick raspberry. I told David2 to put a layer of dirt between the roots of the raspberry and the sheep manure, but would he listen?


Right next to it; a happy raspberry. David2 planted that one too, so I don’t know what the heck is going on…


The black currant is going great guns.


Loganberries, I think. This is sprawling all over the ground. I need to get a lattice and train it up.


When I was inside the veggie patch taking these photos, the gerls were crowding around, hoping that I was weeding so I could feed them worms through the fence. They’ve knocked over the wire surrounding the lemon tree and the poor thing is probably being trampled by arrogant chooks, imperiously calling to me to feed them.


The little ones stayed further back. You can see on Pudgy’s face that her rubber glove is starting to develop. Still a long way to go before they’ll be laying eggs.


Jane, on the other hand, has no qualms about getting up front and personal.

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5 Responses to Adventures… just like a new age hippy.

  1. Scott says:

    I love Jane!
    BTW – TVP – WTF?

  2. Andi says:

    Yeah! What the hell is TVP?

  3. river says:

    I’m so jealous. In almost three years my Granny Smith apple tree produced exactly one (ONE!!) apple.
    You do know, that if you’d boiled or simmered the sauce for that length of time without the TVP most of that liquid would have evaporated anyway…also sardines in pasta sauce just seems wrong to me. But that’s only because I hate the little fishies.

  4. libby says:

    ive heard of tvp but cant place it…. and I love the chookies…. jane’s photo cracked me up!

  5. Sue Denyhm says:

    Your gardening posts are really inspiring me. This is the first year that I’ve been able to have a real garden. We planted 6 raspberry plants in the fall, one died and a couple died back but are sending up new shoots from the roots. So far this year I have harvested 10 very tasty raspberries.

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