Skinflint Sunday: cats and plants.

Came across this clip. He’s a scottish fold called Maru and his blog is adorable. I spent half an hour this morning simply enjoying…

Maybaby has this clip on her blog. I’m so showing David2 when he gets up. I think Romeo and Juliet was the only text he read all year…


The low hanging granny smith apples look as if the chooks have been sampling them.


The first little cucumber! Look at how the tendril is almost reaching the lattice. Excuse me while I race out and kill those baby snails I’ve just noticed on the leaves…


The zucchini are starting to flower too. I love the thought of having many little bags of shredded zucchini in the freezer to use in winter casseroles and bolognaises. (Maybe with TVP?)


Here’s an artistic shot of a bean flower. Let’s pretend that I totally knew what I was doing when I shot this.


Speaking of beans, remember how I said that I grabbed a handful of black-eyed beans from the pantry and planted them? Here’s one of the plants, still with the bean casing attached. SO looking forward to drying my own beans this summer. These beans are still pretty small, unlike the generic climbing beans I bought from Bunnings:


Thet’ve reached the top!


See? Now all they have to do is stop growing up and start growing beans.

Today is going to be a pottering day. Speaking of Pottering, yesterday I was at Chadstone picking up my Border’s VIP ticket with the complimentary $20 on it and I nearly bought Harry Potter tickets for the first showing this morning, but I’m so glad I didn’t. David2 has to work at 9AM, (must go and wake him in a minute), Ryan3 is off on a Great Vic training ride, Evan4 decided at 10PM last night that he and some friends were going to have a sleepover at a mate’s place, so it would’ve been only Tom1 and I. What busy lives we lead, to be sure!

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5 Responses to Skinflint Sunday: cats and plants.

  1. Jayne says:

    It’s the weather to potter, in the garden, with a long cool drink in hand…a cold roast chicken sanga/wrap in the other…listening to the birds….
    Wonder what the poor people are doing?!

  2. river says:

    The poor people are pottering much as you are Jayne, except our sangas are peanut butter and the long cool drink is water. 🙂

  3. kelgurl says:

    I’m reliving my summer gardening through you. I’m in the US (Michigan) so am settling into the long dark grey days of winter. The garden I share with a friend had a bumper crop of EVERYTHING. it was THE best growing season we’ve had in many years. Fingers crossed that yours will be too! Don’t you just love it….it’s like magic…

  4. Urspo says:

    oooh but I miss growing garden goodies.
    I would even like a homegrown zuke. (they used to take over the yard)

  5. Mistress B says:

    looking good (even with the snails)

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