My FB status.

I have to get into work early to set up the hall for the year 9 English exam (good luck Ryan3!!!) so I’ve copied and pasted this to save time. Apologies to those who’ve read it twice:

First time EVER forgot to lock the chooks up. They seized the opportunity to sleep in the dogs’ kennel and obviously kicked them out. This morning?
Six chooks smugly parading around the backyard and two very disgruntled damp dogs who I think sheltered against the side of the house while the storm was raging.

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7 Responses to My FB status.

  1. Watershedd says:

    That cracks me up. Chooks can be such aggressive things creatures. I feel sorry for your pups!

  2. Whims says:

    That’s too funny lolol.

    I’d love to be able to have some chookies, they are such characters.

  3. Widget says:

    I love reading it twice! Made me laugh both times…..chickens looking smug, dogs looking wimpy…..

  4. river says:

    Awww, poor puppies!
    Maybe next time the chooks will share?

  5. isabelle says:

    Oh DEAR!

    Love that giraffe comment!

  6. Lorraine says:

    Would the result have been the same if you were dogsitting the chook killer?? Chooks are such arrogant creatures aren’t they….they have such strut when they are in control……poor puppies!!

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