Sometimes you just get lucky.

I happened to comment at just the right time on Alexis’s blog and was a winner!!!


I came home from work a couple of days ago and Evan4 was sitting on the couch under the rainbow quilt, which in the back of my mind I thought was a bit odd because it wasn’t a particularly cold day.

“Surprise!” he said, and threw back the quilt and handed me a very heavy box full of all sorts of things. He had cleverly secreted the box beneath the folds of the quilt so I didn’t suspect a thing.

It was like an early Christmas. Have a LOOK at all of the fun things she sent us…

(um… that would be in the photo above this chunk of words. ) Here is a selection of some of the things she sent:


Look at the buttons! Resting on the bright and sassy tea towels, just right for summer. After getting into chooks, veggie growing and soap making, the next logical step is to use wooden clothespegs on my line. Alexis has got me started!


The biggest crochet hook I’ve ever seen… (might come in handy for the next time David2 needs the regrowth on his dreads recrocheted…)


… though I’m deeply suspicious about what the scrapbooking book says about her opinion of my braininess. I’m deeply clever; my cleverishness is beyond doubt.


Two blank notebooks… OMG!! Nothing is more filled with delicious possibility than a blank notebook. (That’s why teachers decide to teach- the stationary. Playing with the minds of the young is simply a bonus.)


Sticky notes! Maybe this will make me more organised. (Scott, you’ll be pleased to know that I’m sitting next to Liz. She has taken over your role of keeping me organised for meetings. She always has extra handouts, so I swan into English meetings and appear as if I know what I’m doing.)


I was really interested in this story in one of the magazines she sent. Imagine making bags from old men’s shirts? (Well, the actual age of the gentlemen who owned them is irrelevant. I was talking about the age of the shirts.) I’ve earmarked this idea as one I’m going to play with.

Thank you so much, Alexis! It really made my day. Isn’t the blog world lovely?

Oops… the bell has just gone so I’m off to teach my year 9 English class for the last time this year. I’m giving them the teacher survey to do, (evaluating me as an educator, which is read by the administration), and in a wild coincidence I’m also bringing lollies in for them. Hmmm… do I give the lollies before I give out the survey, or after…?

Wish me luck!

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9 Responses to Parcel/

  1. Jayne says:

    Woohoo, congrats!
    What a fab surprise to come home to !

    Just a tip – don’t leave the dolly pegs out on the line in all weathers, they tend to stretch when wet, then their grip slackens.

  2. mamavee says:

    wow! what a score. I’m a teensy bit jealous.

  3. Ellen says:

    Aren’t some people generous! What a lovely selection of itsy-bitsy pieces in that parcel. Can’t think of anyone who deserves them more.

    (Sorry about the double e-mail and extra large pic – you can see why I don’t blog!)

  4. river says:

    What a fabulous box of goodies!!
    I think the dolly pegs are meant to be crafted with. Pipe cleaner arms, painted on faces, wool strand pigtails, crocheted dresses, or tiny patchwork ones, sell on etsy.

  5. That’s so awesome – congrats!

    My favorite part is the sticky notes, they’re just adorable.

  6. maybaby says:

    How wonderful!

    Huzzah for summer vacations!

  7. Jan says:

    Lollies before or after? Well that’s a bit of a no-brainer, I think. šŸ™‚

    What a lovely lot of surprises was in that box. How generous of her to send you all of that.

    Dolly pegs. You can make clothes peg dolls with those, or do as one old woman I knew did. We used to holiday in a house she owned in the Blue Mountains when I was young. On arrival our first job was to count the pegs. She had dipped them in bright red gloss paint for half the length. They were kept in an old preserved fruit tin she had also painted. Around that she had ribbon about three cm wide wrapped around the bottom of the painted tin and intersecting in a V shape. Pegs sat over the edge of the tin and we were anxious to see the number was the same as last time.

    I wish I had the time to spend on craft as she had.

  8. Annie Jones says:

    I love those buttons!

  9. Alexis says:

    I’m so glad you like your package! I had a great time putting it together for you! šŸ™‚

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