What do you get when you allow a 17 year old boy to plant your veggie garden?


Veggie garden Tetris, that’s what!

I warned him that things would grow and spread, so he revised his plans. However, when I saw how closely he still managed to plant the seedlings, I knew this day would come. After all, it was just what I did in my first year of food gardening.


Corn, zuchini and silverbeet, with possibly a few tomato plants under there somewhere.

Like Tetris, the plants are trying to make the most of every available space. The beans are trying to escape over the top of the fence into the neighbour’s yard, where they’ll have room to breathe.


This is the long view. There’s leeks smothered under there,  along with celery desperately peeking out. Somehow I’ll have to get in there and see what’s growing well, what needs harvesting and what needs tying up and helping. I’m a bit scared to go in there. There could be anything lurking under that rampant growth. I’m thinking Little Red Riding Hood stuff.


There’s already a fierce beast lurking outside the chicken coop, wanting to get in there and clean up the remnants of the scones I scattered in there this morning.


The trouble with such abundant foliage is that you miss things, like this zuchini. It’s as big as a baby’s torso. It’s right by the gate and I didn’t know it was there. Lord knows what horrors are lurking within. Wish me luck…


But in the garden plot to the left, the raspberries are glowing. Very delicious, too.

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5 Responses to What do you get when you allow a 17 year old boy to plant your veggie garden?

  1. nicole says:

    How can you write about plants growing and raspberries and zucchini while we’re getting covered in cold white stuff?!
    Today it took me an hour to thaw out on the couch after we got back home.

  2. amandab says:

    My husband has training in horticulture, and, I have to say, our vegie patch doesn’t look all that different *sigh* At least it is only a temporary one and we will be growing in earnest (and better organization) next year.

  3. I quite like the whole “jungle” approach…..let me know if you come across some poor old guy wandering around with his pith hat…. I love that word ….not hat silly….”pith”…..oh it has to be Friday afternoon……!

  4. fiveandtwo says:

    Your vegie patch looks gloriously abundant. I do like that cornstalk valiantly poking skywards! Those zucchini of mine that turn into baseball bats (when my back is turned) I throw to the chooks and they gradually peck them away. Apparently if you want to slow down the endless supply of zucchini you let one grow large so the plant thinks it’s fulfilling its destiny (producing seed) and stops making more fruit. Makes sense, and this happens inadvertently anyway (while your back is turned).

  5. river says:

    What a fabulous garden!! Toss in a few flowers and you’ve got a whole ecosystem going there.
    Permaculture, alive and well in Froggie’s garden.

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