Two quilts in two days! Because nothing scares me. Or else I’m an idiot.


I finished my brother’s zig zag quilt, (photo coming later) and I got up yesterday and started blog hopping in the peace of the morning. As Eleanor says in her wonderful blog post, the house is quiet for hours in the morning now holidays are here. I saw a quilt. I thought of some fabric I bought years ago. It was just after 9AM. I started cutting and sewing HSTs. (Half square triangles, for the unitiated.) 146 of them. It’s going to be a project for ME.

As I was making these very addictive squares, I started thinking about a person who is very dear to me. I’ve known her all her life. Even shared a bedroom with her. (I was the messy one.) I also thought of a set of charm squares I also bought years ago that have been languishing alone and unloved. I’d been using a couple of sheets as the plain blocks for my brother’s quilt and they’d go perfectly with these squares. How fitting to make a quilt for my brother and my sister using the same fabric? What a brilliant idea! I decided that once I finished cutting up the HSTs for me, I’d make some for her as a quilt for Christmas.

So I began. I think it was 1PM. As I was making them the pile grew quite large and I started thinking about another person who is also very dear to me. Wouldn’t it be great to give these 2 people a quilt for Christmas? Each? Using the same fabric, because they’re like my sisters? (Well, one of them IS my sister!) So I separated them out and began.


(Blurry because I was in a hurry.)


Bertie ‘helped’ again. In the late evening I was picking up squares off the floor for the second quilt and wondering why one of them had small pin holes in it. Then I realised… the cats were running around playing crazy cat stalking games and the HSTs must’ve been in their path.

Had to stop to make dinner. I’d promised the boys I’d make lasagne. Stupid lasagne. Needs double handling… once in the saucepan and then in the oven. Stupid dinner. I was under the pump.

I finished the first one after dinner. Swung onto the second.


Maris gave it the cat test. She approves.


Finally, after midnight, both quilt tops were done. They have exactly the same colours and squares in them in exactly the same positions; they’re just rotated differently to give a different look.



I was wrecked. I really wished I’d thought of this before I’d spent all morning cutting the HSTs for my own project.

Or better yet… in November. Or June.

I’m a fool.


Daphne also thinks they’re comfy, which was good to see this morning.

I have ONE DAY to baste, quilt and bind two single bed quilts. No lap quilts for me…. oh no! If I’m going to do something, I’ll go the whole shebang!

My PB for making a quilt from go to whoa is 3 days.

Wish me luck. I see both recipients tomorrow…..

Can you tell Christmas dinner is not at my place?

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7 Responses to Two quilts in two days! Because nothing scares me. Or else I’m an idiot.

  1. kelgurl says:

    You are inspiring

  2. trash says:

    Let me just say it is very tricksy to reach the keyboard from my position down here on bended knee.

    I bow before greatness.

  3. saffronlie says:

    Wow! Your hard work will certainly be appreciated this Christmas. I’m in awe.

  4. Jayne says:

    Good luck and I hope you get some sleep in between it all 🙂

  5. Lorraine says:

    I too am in awe! By comparison I finished two quilt tops for the kids in March this year…are they quilted and being given for Christmas as planned…..Nah….! worst thing I did was put them away once they were done…should have left them out and that way I probably/may have got them finished….! Also impressive is that you did a blog post about your feat…!! Have a wonderful Christmas – don’t fall asleep at the lunch table!

  6. river says:

    Two quilts in two days AND you made lasagna?
    You’re a Sewing Super Star!

    It takes me two days just to set up the machine and find out it isn’t working properly.

    The quilts are beautiful.

  7. andi says:

    You quilting fool!!!
    Love it!
    (And I can’t wait to see what you end up doing with those gorgeous Stitch in Dye fabrics …. yum!!)

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