Christmas Day 2010


The shower cap that David2 and Ryan3 got Evan4. It’s too small for the dreads but it got a laugh!

Here’s how we spent the morning:


Just like kids, teenagers want to play with their presents. Evan4 and Tom1 lounged around uploading cds onto the computer and playing a game on the Wii.


David2 learning how to use the Sodastream Santa brought him. At least the kitchen bench got a wash when it all went everywhere. He also uploaded a game onto the computer so his week alone without the other brothers here is all taken care of. (3 boys will be spending the week between Christmas and New Year with their Dad, as usual.)


Ryan3 is a gamer. (Look at what’s on the screen!) His brothers gave him lots of really good (apparently) PS3 games, so he was rapt.His friend James, who is holidaying up at his aunt’s place in Echuca, rang him and asked if he could play online with him. So he had a quick shower, got dressed and then texted, saying “ready” and he gamed with his friend until it was time to leave. Happy as a pig in muck.

We had a lovely day. We drove to Mt Martha to have Christmas dinner at my sister’s place. They have a real party house and have people flitting in and out every day.

She set up the table by the pool.


She had a nice little touch with the cutlery…


The bow ended up in my hair.


Now see how frizzy and yucky my hair is? That was all about to change after lunch.

You see, David2 gave me a hair straightener for Christmas. When I had the pink put in my hair, my hairdresser used one to straighten and then curl my hair and it looked amazing. Unfortunately, not being a “girly girl” I’ve never used such a thing in my life so I was very frightened of it, particularly when David2 helpfully said the girls at school keep burning their ears with them. However, my sister Kate is a girly girl and she has two daughters. So I asked my niece Morgan to show me what to do.


They have a dedicated wall socket for their hair straightener in my sister’s ensuite, so I’d clearly come to the right house to learn.


Not the most flattering photo, but class was in session.


Then she forced me to give it a go on my own.


I wasn’t able to curl it successfully, but the straightening part was fine. Just have to remember not to hold it in one spot for too long so I don’t burn it all off.


Doesn’t it look so much better and healthier? Weird, because it’s just had the life dried out of it, but so it goes.

We gave out the gifts and then I gave Kate and Morgan their quilts. I showed Kate the two sister quilts and she chose one, then they both test drove them, snuggled up on the couch in the pool house.


Here’s a long(er) view of the pool house set up. Such a good idea.


I was all set to go to my friend Sandy’s house as usual after Tony picked up the boys, but on the way home we got a text saying that Sandy has been in bed all day, so she’s unable to drink copious amounts of alcohol with me this year but she’llring me tomorrow.

Now, I hadn’t spent Christmas Eve half killing myself to get the sister quilts done to NOT give them both away on Christmas Day. OMG! So we drove to Sandy’s place, snuck up the driveway past her bedroom window and gave the quilt to her husband. Just the gift to have when you’re feeling poorly.

Such a lovely day.

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8 Responses to Christmas Day 2010

  1. Widget says:

    A dedicated wall socket! That is scary! But then I know nothing about straighteners…..probably much less than you did before you got one!

    Your Christmas looks fab!

  2. Pixie says:

    your hair looks gorgeous!!!!
    lol on the shower cap.
    your quilts look great!!

  3. saffronlie says:

    Looks and sounds like a lovely day! I am also afraid of my hair straightener, and only use it in dire circumstances.

  4. Mare says:

    Looks like you had a really lovely day and the quilts look great. Well done.

  5. libby says:

    i too spent christmas by a pool and had dinner outside… sooo nice!! looks like a great day had by all at your place with happy boys. i got a tom tom so i wont be getting lost in a hurry…. wii games and dvds…. bought a wii fit board today in the sales…. do you think i can get a turn???

  6. Natalie says:

    Bravo on those quilts!
    And cheers for all the Christmas fun!

  7. Two quilts in two days? You’re lucky your hair wasn’t standing on end!!!!

    The quilts are beautiful! Fabulous gifts!

  8. Urspo says:

    jolly good fun – all of it !

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