The Charlie Brown Quilt.


Last year I got my brother in the Secret Santa present thing. I decided to make him a quilt, using a couple of sheets (the fawn and brown plains) and fabric from my stash. This pattern by Amanda Jean is one I’ve used before… very quick and easy, which is just what is needed for a quilt made in December. (The plains left over from this project were the colours I built the sister quilts around when I made them both a week or so later.)

I should’ve posted this three weeks ago, but I deleted the photos accidentally and it was only today that I realised that perhaps I could retrieve one from the trash. Technophobes of the world unite!

Edited to add: I changed the name of this quilt due to some comments. Thanks!

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9 Responses to The Charlie Brown Quilt.

  1. You are bolting through the quilt finishes – well done!

    This one reminds me a little of Charlie Brown.

  2. persiflage says:

    Nice blokey quilt.
    And Ah, the manifold uses of the trash.
    How are those dreadlocks feeling now?

  3. river says:

    It’s lovely!
    I’m giving serious thought to buying fat quarters in Spotlight or Lincraft sometime this year.
    For a quilt of course.
    Then I’ll send them to you………
    Just kidding.

  4. What great colours for your brother – it looks really good – I so like the clean lines in your quilt tops.

    Is that Evan, or a minor Medusa? I guess his dreads will settle a little with growth and gravity – they make him look a lot older. You do have 4 very fine looking sons.

    Happy New Year, I hope 2011 is kind to you all, Michelle and Zebbycat, xxxxx and purrrrumbles

  5. monica says:

    what a great quilt! I bet it went down a storm..

  6. Watershedd says:

    I really like that quilt. You’ve become quite the adept quilter. Very impressed.

  7. trash says:

    That is definitely a Charlie Brown quilt.

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